A moving process can be a difficult event to organise, especially when the size of your family warrants careful planning and replanning for any headway to be made. You might be thinking that the whole process is so complex that it’s not worth doing in the first place. If you’re having these thoughts, it’s likely that you’re not going about the entire planning process right.
Before you move, you should already have a property that you’d like to move to identify before you agree to any selling agreement. You might be thinking: I just want to sell my house fast! If so, it’s important to make sure that you have the right firm set up to purchase it, and that you have somewhere to move into in the first instance.
moving home
However, moving needn’t be the costly process that you might think it is. There are many little ways to cut costs that allow you to be the most frugal new homeowner possible, affording you more money to celebrate your new life with your loved ones.
Here are a few simple methods to save that all-important cash:
Pack Yourself
One of the largest moving-day costs that people choose thanks to its pure practicality is asking for the removal men to pack some goods themselves. This might include large furniture, valuable items or anything else that is covered by the insurance when a remover packs it, as opposed to packing it yourself.
However, for the vast majority of items, packing them yourself can work out for the better. Large pieces of furniture that you’d rather stay covered by the insurance are fine, but smaller items that can fit in your car in the first place during the move could save you money if you just apply a careful and deft hand to packing them. This is where trusting yourself can have real-world financial benefits.
This also applies to unpacking your items after the move, a much more time-allowing and gentle process than packing.
Plan Your Journey
It’s difficult to forgo the cost of moving an entire household, but it’s much easier to plan your route to the next household and as a result, save you money in fuel and time commissioned by the removal company.
A well thought-out route that pays attention to the weather and traffic patterns might mean that you fall within a two-hour block of time you need to pay the removal company for. Make sure they are absolutely aware of the route you want to travel well ahead of time, so they can give you a quote based on that and more importantly, stick to it.
Hire A Friend
If you can, hire a friend as a second vehicle to help you transport family members and/or items from your house. This won’t cost you as much as a commissioned removal service, but it might cost you a bottle of wine or other means of saying thanks. During an event as expensive as a home move, this can be very important.
Saving money in little places usually adds up to saving money in the big places, and this can be applied before, during and after the move, leaving you the only responsibility of enjoying your new life.

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