Allow a cab to pick you up with a tap on your smartphone – Few necessary rideshare apps

Since long time back, taxicabs have been a regular choice of transportation for covering long distances as fast as possible. With the present day trend of everyone owning smartphones, there are a plethora of mobile-app based cab ride services which have been moving in, thereby transforming the way people call, pay and share for rides. In spite of the fact that such on-demand taxi services have become an extremely popular alternative, private driver services and app-based driver services have been causing too much commotion amongst the cities they operate. Lack of proper regulation, driver issues, soaring prices, improper manner of inspecting vehicle and insufficient insurance coverage are few of the reasons of such a ruckus.
Nevertheless, there are large numbers of people who have always remained a fan of some of the hot favorites like Lyft, Uber and this trend will probably continue. You can take a quick look at the list of rideshare apps for drivers that are helping people with booking a taxicab with a tap on their smartphone.
#1: UBER
Among all the app-based rideshare and private driver services, Uber is undoubtedly the biggest one and probably the most famous one. Uber is available in more than 200 cities throughout the globe and it lets anyone who owns the app to be picked up by the taxicab driver from his chosen location. People can not only pay for the ride but they are also allowed to split payments if several people are sharing the ride. You may also consider Uber X which is a cheaper version that allows pre-screened drivers utilize their own cars to pick their customers. 
uber app
There is yet another popular rideshare app called Sidecar which claims itself to be one of the most thrifty alternatives as it allows you to choose a ride based on the price. If you select a shared ride with few other co-passengers who might be heading towards your direction, you may have to pay even less, leading to almost a 50% save on your ride. All sorts of ratings and payments are done through Sidecar app. Apart from operating in 5 Californian cities, it also runs in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Washington and Charlotte. 
#3: LYFT
Lyft is perhaps the biggest competitor of Uber and it is that rideshare service which also allows you to call a taxicab from your smartphone. However, much unlike the worldwide presence of Uber, Lyft operated in the largest cities of the US only. The cost comparison between Uber and Lyft is probably similar but each of them has their own set of unique premium options, in-app features and kinds of ride credits. You can sometime try both Lyft and Uber, as they’re now available in Austin, Texas, to decide for yourself which one is better among the two. 
#4: GETT
Before extending their services to New York City in 2014, Gett is one such black car service which started operating initially in few of the bigger American cities. To avail their services, you have to download the app, set your location for pick-up and soon you will find your luxury car be at your service. If you live in Central Manhattan, you can get Gett rides at $10 in a day or in a week. The best part of their service is that they can guarantee their passengers to never have to fret about soaring prices. Payments are all made through the app and you can choose the tip after completing the service. 
Flywheel is another rideshare app-based service which is a simple yet nice alternative to the other competitors mentioned in the above list. Due to the other service partners in your city, all the drivers are licensed professionals. Just as Gett, this service also doesn’t support soaring prices and hence you will be never surprised with unpredicted costs. You will get this service in Seattle, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 
Therefore, if you’re someone who travels a lot through different cities and states of the US and you prefer choosing a rental car service due to its environmental impact, do install few rideshare based apps in order to avail their prompt services. 

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