Apparently over 50% of adults have not written a will. It appears it is one of those things that we don’t really like to think about so it tends to get pushed down to the bottom of our list of priorities. However making a will is incredibly important, particularly for those of us with dependent children and families. Writing a will is not nearly as complicated as we think it is, so follow our simple steps to writing a will so that you can have peace of mind that things are all rightly in place.
Cheap Options
There are some incredibly cheap options in drawing up a will and there are even some do it yourself kits that you can buy online that will guide you through the process. Alternatively there are online services available that will allow you to create a fully, legally binding will, without the need of a solicitor, and all within 60 minutes. The only downside to using this online service is that you don’t receive any legal advice so you are a little on your own when it comes to knowing exactly what to do and the will will also not be stored for you. However for those of you that know a little about what writing a will entails this could be a very cost effective option. Make sure you read through the details in small print and do your research before hand as the last thing you would want is to not complete it properly and then need the help of a probate solicitors later on down the road.
Your Will
Online will writing services do suggest that users should only really be using their service if their will is reasonably simple. So anyone that has a more complicated situation is recommended to seek the help of a well trained professional.
Hire a Solicitor
This is the road that most people go down. As getting your will right is so important, reaching out to the specialists is definitely the recommended avenue to take. Some areas of will writing can become complicated particularly when it comes to matters such as tax and dividing funds. That said, people with a reasonable amount of savings, investments and assets may think they know what they want to do with passing on all these things however seeking legal assistance is still advisable.
A solicitor will be able to make sure that your will is drafted and signed in the correct way and they will also be able to store a copy of your will for you. So this will offer you peace of mind that it has all been done correctly, it is now safe, so you can just completely forget about it. The only real downside of a hiring a solicitor to take on the task of writing up your will is the cost. They are undoubtedly the most expensive option however the peace of mind they offer by guaranteeing that everything is done properly, is worth every penny.

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