Been Made Redundant Or Can’t Work? Here’s How You Should Proceed

Being made redundant due to job cuts is never a pleasant experience. It can even be worse than getting fired because nothing you personally did contribute to your job loss, rather the corporate climate you were unfortunate enough to be part of.
Been Made Redundant Or Can't Work
There might have been job cuts, a new manager has come in that wants to ‘streamline’ the department, a corporate merger might have left you out in the woods, or, even less fortunate, you might have been the victim of a workplace injury that prevents you from working for some time. After the initial claim has been settled through your personal injury lawyer, it might be difficult to figure out how to progress.
It’s important no matter who you are, no matter what age you are, to keep your mind sharp and active. It’s very easy to slip into depressive tendencies once your reason to wake up in the morning has been taken from you. Luckily, the internet has allowed us to progress in a plethora of ways, so there really is no reason to stagnate. Here are just a few of the methods you could employ to keep a happy, productive, and financially progressive mentality.
Freelance Work
If you have a skill or talent such as writing, drawing, music production or all three, there are a multitude of clients just waiting on the internet to help you turn your skill into capital. Registering as a self-employed firm will allow you to take on clients professionally. What’s better, you can do this from home! Just be sure to be upfront about your earnings with your local tax authority. You might even find yourself making, even more, money than the job you can no longer attend. It might take a while to build clients and a reputation for yourself, but this initial investment will mean a lot long term.
If you have a form of experience in a sought after field, why not use it? If your mental faculties are unimpeded after the injury, nothing can deprive you of the accumulated knowledge you’ve grown so far. Coaching students or online clients in the intricacies of your craft can earn you some reliable money, and what’s better, you’ll have very little service cost.
In the same vein as consulting, consider becoming an online tutor. Teaching students how to pass their exams with some real world-spanning knowledge can be very lucrative, and what’s better, there’ll be new students needing the same tutorship year in and year out! You’re also not bound by standard teaching regulations, so consulting with a principal or college dean isn’t necessary. Just be certain that you’re familiar with what the course teaches before you become an authority on it. 
Online Degrees
If you have free time, and a severance package or injury claim to keep you going financially, why not use this free time to achieve an online degree? When you’re healed or choose to progress your career, you might just come out the other side wiser and with better accreditations than you had beforehand. This might automatically translate into an even better salary. Food for thought.
The Internet gives us a wonderful platform to benefit our careers, and not even through standard means of employment. Find what methods would best suit your skills, and your personal finance opportunities are sure to blossom.

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