An End To Enormous Energy Bills

Energy bills can be a huge expense for some people. If you’re hoping to lower your bills, here are a few measures you can take without having to live too frugally.
Go green
Living more green doesn’t just save the planet, it can save you money in the long run. There are plenty of home improvements that we can make to live a more sustainable and less costly lifestyle.
Enormous Energy Bills
When it comes to saving money on gas, insulation is one of the biggest improvements we can make, causing our home to stay warm in winter and prevent us reaching for the thermostat. Popular insulation types include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, double glazing and draft protection on doors. Switching to thick winter curtains and thick duvets in the cold months can also help. You can often save money by making such home adjustments and buying such items in the summer when they may come at a discounted rate due to less demand.
As for saving money on electricity, solar panels are the way to go if you have no plans of moving out any time soon. Installation of solar panels isn’t cheap, however you may be able to make costs up in a few years. Install enough panels and you may never have to pay an electricity bill again. Solar Panel Quoter can help you compare prices.
Switch your provider
Your energy supplier may simply be giving you a bad deal compared to other providers out there on the market. Many providers will offer discounts to new customers, which can be a great reason to keep switching every couple years. Companies such as Selectra Energy Comparison can help you find and negotiate the best deal out there. It may also be worth ringing up and threatening to leave your provider – they may offer some form of discount in order to keep you staying.
Monitor your usage
Most of us don’t have a clear idea of just how much energy we’re using. An energy monitor can be useful to have for this reason, telling you the exact amount you’re spending on gas and electric so that your bill doesn’t come as quite a shock. By seeing how much you’re using, you may also be more inclined to be more sparing with your gas and electricity. You can opt for a normal meter, a smart meter (which also sends data to your provider) or a prepaid meter (you’re only allowed to use as much energy as you pay for).
Opt for low energy appliances
Another cost-cutting measure is to only buy energy saving appliances. Sust It is a useful site for comparing the electricity usage of various devices allowing you to buy the most energy efficient. Most energy saving appliances will have an Energy Star logo to show that they’re low energy – or have the option to run in low power. Look out also for LED and halogen solutions to lighting.

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