Help Your Friends In Financial Difficulty

For a lot of us, we know all too well what it is like to struggle for money and having to live frugally, while not being able to buy ourselves treats or even splash out on things which we have always wanted. Unfortunately, being strapped for cash is an all too common problem which affects a lot of us. Some people come to the conclusion that it is just a matter of life, and is simply something which happens to us all but we do not necessarily have to live our lives struggling for money if we organise our finances well. Some people can find it difficult to manage their money as that is just an aspect of their personality, or they have never been educated properly in money management. We all know someone who, once payday comes around, splurges their cash on unnecessary items or spends all their money on paying off bills which they have accumulated from using too much gas, water or electric. We all know someone like this, as these people can be our friends or these people can actually be us. If we do know someone who struggles with money, or has financial problems, then it could be beneficial for us to help them. Especially if we have gone through money troubles and now know how to manage our finances much more frugally.
Help Your Friends In Financial Difficulty
When a friend is struggling with money, it can be a difficult time for them as they may not be able to afford aspects of life such as being able to go out and socialize, pay for decent food for which they can provide meals for their family, and could also be struggling with paying off debts for bills. It is well known that money problems can be an instigator of many mental health problems, so it is important that we – as friends – do our best to help our friends and advise them on how to manage aspects of their financial life so that they can benefit.
If a friend is struggling with their financial situation because they have no experience in researching the best utility providers for them (such as gas, water, electric), then you could give them some guidance in how to research the best deals. If you have a good deal with a company, you could recommend that company to your friend. When a recommendation occurs, a lot of companies do give the person who gave the recommendation money off their next bill or vouchers to spend at popular public outlets such as coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants, so you will not only be helping your friends but will also be helping yourself in some way.
Or, if your friend is struggling with debt simply because they have not allocated enough cash for the month so that they can pay off those bills, or if they have had to take a pay cut or have had to lower their hours in their job, you could advise them to contact Money Expert debt advisors who can provide guidance and advice on a range of debt problems. Or, you could help them manage their money better by sitting down with them and looking at what it is they need to buy exactly every month, and what things they can take a cut on buying because it does not benefit them in any way.
When it comes to knowing your friend well, you should take into consideration as to whether they have helped you out in the past when money has been tight for you. You should think about this because if money is tight for your friends, then there is a good chance that they are avoiding social situations as they do not want to pay for things when they are out and are trying to save money. If money has been tight for you in the past and your friend has helped you out, then you could think about helping them out by inviting them for a drink or a meal and offering to pay for anything that they want. Your friends may feel embarrassed about this, but if you were to reassure them that it is your treat and that you do not really mind about paying for the evening, then there is a likelihood that they will feel much more secure about you paying for their things. Offering something like this is the mark of a good friend, and when your friend is doing well with money again they are likely to return the favour.

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