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Dealing with Honest Car Dealers and How to Find Them

Before you start to look for a reputable dealer, whether it is to sell or buy your car, it is important to gain a little knowledge first. There is plenty of impartial and knowledgeable advice available online on websites such as the Australian Motoring website. You can learn tips such as how to spot a write-off, as well as tricks dealers use to make cars appear better than they are. The more knowledgeable you are, the less likely you are to get ripped off and be able to hold your own against any salesperson. 

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Find Out Your Cars Worth

Before you approach and dealers you will need to know what the value of your car is. You can do this easily online as many companies are offering free car valuations. The process is quick, and all you need to do is fill in a few details online, arrange a day, time and also a location for a visit, and a representative will come to visit you and value your car. They will also make you an offer on the spot, which you may decide is more than reasonable and accept it. Now you know your vehicle's worth, it is time to find a dealer. 

Research Online

Take a look at all of your local dealers online, and then look for reviews and comments online from previous customers. It is common for a mixed bag of reviews with every business, but you will be able to spot patterns and a consistent low standard of service with individual companies, just by reading the reviews. You will want to take all of the information that you find out on board, and use this to whittle down the amount of companies that you will talk to, to two or three. When you have made a decision which companies to talk to, it is time to pay them a visit. 

Speaking to the Dealers

When you go into the dealers, make out that you have no idea about cars and also what yours is worth, and get them talking. Do not give them too much information and instead of talking makes, models and money, get them to take you out to show you their available stock on the forecourt. Make sure that you play hardball and get the salesperson to work hard to gain your business. Remember, you already know a bit about the industry, as well as your car’s value, so you can see how honest and trustworthy each dealer is when you visit them. You will often find that a reputable dealer will offer you a very fair price for your car, and sometimes even above the book value if it is in good condition and you are prepared to purchase a brand new one from them.  

Remember to take your time and do not rush into an agreement. Remember you are the customer and if the salesperson wants your custom, see how hard they are willing to work for it. Without a bit of research and a few visits to showrooms, you will be driving around in your new car in no time at all!

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