The stock market can be a very tricky and complicated market to understand. However, after you understand the basics and get the hang of how to buy and sell stocks, you just need to pick up on a few tips and tricks and you will be set. Stick to the basics, keep your plan intact and follow some of these to keep your investments strong and on the track. Also, I suggest checking out the Acorns website for helping managing your portfolio.
1. Limit Orders
In the stock market there is a difference in purchasing a market order and a limit order. Market orders are basic in that a broker processes the security trade at the current market price and that is that. Limit orders give investors a bit more control over the buying and selling prices. Before a purchase order is placed, a maximum purchase price is selected and minimum purchase price is selected. Those guidelines are used to execute an order. The price is what dictates the execution of an order. 
Stock Market
Limit orders can protect you because you can dictate the highest price you are willing to pay. Give this some thought as you begin investing.
2. Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are funds from a group of investors for investing into the stock market that are operated by brokers. The brokers who manage the money, attempt to produce a profit. Each person that invests is proportionally involved in the gains and/or losses.
Although mutual funds can provide great returns, many make the mistake of putting their entire stock portfolio into them. The problem is that they are high in fees and are loaded with regulations. The fund must outperform the market significantly to make much of a return. It’s very difficult to do; therefore, it’s best to wait on investing in mutual funds. Maybe if you have a lot of spare investing money you can arrange your portfolio so that you have some in a mutual fund, but definitely not all of it.
3. Invest in Good Companies
The best thing you can do to determine what stocks to invest in is to pick those of companies that are likely to be around for more than ten years and are going to be thriving and growing. You probably have a good idea of what companies those are. Start out picking companies that you know will be successful.
4. Ignore the News
The media is fantastic at scaring the public into making decisions. They will do anything to have something to talk about or cause a big story, especially when it is negative. The news can have a significant impact and influence on the general public. However, they have little influence on a company day-to-day. The ability to cause negative publicity can cause a public panic causing people to sell stock for no reason. This is what you want to avoid.
The point is, try to ignore the news as much as you can. The news is typically false or over exaggerating things. They want to cause people to listen or read their headlines and will do what it takes to get more press coverage. Do not let news cause an emotional decision.
5. Take Profits
At some point you will want to take the profits from some of your stock. Although it is good to hold onto stock at good companies for a long period of time because they can make you wealthy, you will not know how wealthy until you finally sell. Stocks do go down at some point and will not remain at the top forever. They will fluctuate, so pay close attention and sell when you think the time is right for a nice payoff. Always look for new opportunities and companies that you can gain from.

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