Saving Money While You are Travelling with these Three Tips Holidays need not drain your pocket

Just look at the travel advertisements and the commercials on TV and there is a glittering world of sun, sea, nightlife, new experiences, relaxation, the holiday of a lifetime and so on. You start enquiring, you get swept up into the whirl, you picture yourself at some far-flung and romantic destination and then you get to the bottom line and find out what it will all cost and the enthusiasm diminishes.
Saving Money While You are Travelling
We would suggest that overall the best way of saving money while you are travelling is to work on saving money long before you leave. Once you set off, money seems to roll away effortlessly, as if the laws of nature you observe no longer apply in a different setting!
Tip No 1: Planning pays dividends and saves cash
This is in effect several tips all rolled into one because there are so many aspects of holiday planning to talk about. The first of these is choosing the date on which you are travelling – if you manage to avoid peak periods you will find enormous reductions on both airfares and rail fares. If you don’t have young children who will be accompanying you, then avoid school holidays. If you have a choice travel midweek rather than weekends.
If you intend taking to the air, it pays to book your flights through a travel website rather than directly with an airline. These sites can work out a combination of flights by different airlines that can bring you big overall savings. Similarly you should also consider not opting for direct flights and thinking about planning a stopover – that could bring the double whammy of a new city experience and a cost reduction as well.
Tip No 2: Saving money by feeding sensibly
Now we all know that good food is part and parcel of travelling but this is where the money can really drain. So planning counts here again – research the restaurants in advance (don’t forget the coupons and special deals!) rather than just going out to look for somewhere to eat.  Think about going self-catering – it doesn’t have to be a drag!  And avoid hotel breakfasts as they tend to be overpriced.
Tip No 3: Be aware
Avoid unnecessary holiday shopping – make sure you pack toiletries and sun protection and clothes for all relevant climates. Gen up on local offers and savings before you leave.  And of course – travel safely! 

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