Suddenly finding yourself in debt is a frightening scenario. In fact, it’s probably one of the most terrifying situations that you could face in your adult life. It’s right at the top of the list of worst things, with a car accident and being found guilty of a crime you didn’t commit. Make no mistake, being in debt is a nightmare and it is one that you certainly want to avoid. But sometimes it’s impossible to get away from. One day you might check your bank account and find that you don’t have enough money to pay the bills. This is the start of going into debt
The first question you need to consider is why are you suddenly unable to pay the bills. Why has your account been bled dry? The answer could be that you have overspent. Perhaps you have not kept a check on your money and because of this, you have wasted a lot in different areas. Or, maybe you have simply underestimated how much things have cost throughout the month. 
It might also be a more serious problem. You may have recently lost your job and stopped receiving an income. At that point, it’s only natural that you will be struggling to pay for what you could usually afford. 
Or, you might have found yourself in a difficult situation that has left a severe weight on your finances. For example, many people find that when they need extensive medical treatment, their finances take a hit. 
The fact is that it doesn’t matter what the answer is for your situation. The solutions will almost always be the same, and we can look at a few below. By assessing the solutions, you should find that you can clear your debt and start again. The ease of which you do this will be related to how much debt you have built up. 
1) Take Out A Loan 
Your first option is to take out a loan, and this can often be used as a preemptive measure. To do this, check out There you’ll have the chance to take out a small personal loan of anything up to a few thousand dollars. You can use this to pay bills that you otherwise would not be able to afford in a difficult month. By paying these bills, you won’t go into debt in the first place. Instead, you will get a second chance and can pay back what you owe when you receive your income next month. Admittedly, this is a risky gamble but only if you do not weigh your prospects. You must make sure that you are aware of how much you will owe and when you will need to pay it back. That way the “debt” can still be seen as a solution and not a further problem. 
Take Out A Loan
Another way to deal with the debt before it becomes an issue is to borrow from a family member or a friend. Many people are wary of doing this for two reasons. Either, they are too embarrassed and proud to ask for help from someone they know. Or, they are worried of the strain borrowing money could put on a relationship. But, you have to remember that when you borrow from someone you know, you will typically not be dealing with the payment of interest. 
2) Take On Extra Work 
If you’re struggling with how much money you need to pay, you can take on extra work. Most jobs will offer employees extra hours, late night or weekend work that can be taken on in difficult situations. The issue is that most people want an easy fix to their debt problems. Working extra hours and giving up your spare time is anything but easy. That said, on occasion it is necessary and far better than the alternate option of letting the money you owe build to breaking to point. 
Take On Extra Work
You may also want to consider working on a different job in your spare time. We recommend you look into work that you can complete in your own home such as working online. For instance, many people start writing a blog to get a little extra money in their bank account. What starts as a debt-clearing method turns into a full income that they can soon rely on. You’d be surprised by how easy you can build up a following online that pays the bills once you get started. 
If you desperately need some extra cash in your account, there are also questionnaires that you can answer for payment, online. You won’t be earning a lot, but when you’re trying to stay afloat, even little payments will help. 
3) Use Your Assets 
There are a number of different ways you can use your assets to clear your debt. You can rent out what you own as a starting point. If you own your home, there is nothing stopping you renting out a spare room for added income. Have a look at to find out how to do this. There are always people looking for a place to stay and becoming a landlord can turn into quite a nice little second income. If you do not own your accommodation, you will need permission of your landlord before you start renting. Be aware that most will not allow this because they will be losing money. 
Use Your Assets
You could also rent out your car to be used by other people when you don’t need it. Again, you won’t make a fortune doing this but sixty to seventy dollars at the weekend can go a long way. And, it does depend on how much you are willing to let people use your car. 
If your situation has reached a breaking point, you can sell any one of these assets and anything else that you own. By doing this, you will get the chance to start over. You may have to rely on those who care about you for a short time. But this is far better than risking falling into serious debt. This will be your second life, and you can use it however you like. 
But we recommend you begin by setting yourself up on a budget. To plan a budget, check out Do this and you can keep your financial future safe and free from any further monetary issues.

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