Did you know that getting a mortgage is now harder than ever? Of course you do! If you recently tried looking for a home, you’ll know that deposits are no joke. For some people, winning a lottery or receiving a large inheritance from your grandfather’s grandparents is the last hope for owning a house.
Saving For The Home Of Your Dreams
If you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll begin to realize that there are a couple of ways to raise some cash. But don’t go busting your brain; here I’ve put together a few ideas to give your mortgage saving a serious boost.
1) Sell everything you don’t need
Sometimes what you need is just lying near you. Look around your house and see what you’re not using. One of the fastest ways to make some money on all these unwanted items is to post them on an online store like eBay. There are hundreds of posting sites right now. What’s best? Posting to them are free of charge!
2) Give up your luxuries
Be honest. How many subscriptions do you have? High speed broadband, cable TV, magazines, they can all add up. Even a medium-sized package with a combination of phone and broadband service can cost you a lot. The worst part is if you’re not really using these subscriptions to their fullest potential because of your work. If you really want a home of your own, then it’s time to consider if you really NEED these luxuries.
3) Shun your credit card bills
These cursed cards of the Lord of the Debts is a no-no for people who wants to save for something truly worth their money. While credit cards offer you the chance to live like a king, in return for manageable monthly repayments, your spending can steer out of control. You don’t want that.
4) Start saving
Aside from your luxuries, how much money are you wasting every month? Instead of throwing your extra money away, why not simply set a fixed sum of your wages every cutoff and drop the money into a savings account? For most people, this is the easiest way to start saving money. 
5) Getting a grant
Now, did you know that first time homeowner grant has been increased from $7000 to $10,000? If you’re in WA, first home owners grant via Homestart, will enable you to take advantage of this. Set up a free consultation and see if you qualify. With this, you won’t need to save for a long time.
6) Move in with your parents
This may sound like a bad option, but it sure makes sense. Recent news reports say that many people are returning home with the hopes of saving a decent deposit for their homes. The main reason is the increasing cost of renting. Some landlords are slowly raising rental fees to take advantage of tenant who are locked out of the housing market. If your parents are understanding, you should consider living with them… I bet they’ll be happy to have their loving son/daughter back. *wink* *wink*
Take the first step today. Best of luck!

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