How To Go From Investment Ruin To Investment Riches

Investments are very tricky. Part of being an investor is the risk. Sometimes people can take too big a risk and as a result they end up financially ruined for it. Some people can end up not totally ruined, but not in a good position. The good news is that you can turn those finances around with a few strict guidelines and smart ideas. To help you out we’ve compiled a few you might find useful.
Lower Your Investment Amount
One of the most common mistakes in unseasoned investors is that they reinvest significant amounts of profit back into new projects and schemes. Don’t do this. Don’t even invest half of what you have already made in profit. A thirty or forty percent margin is much more reasonable. There are some reasons for doing this. Primary of which is that it is safer. If you make a loss, you still have the other sixty to seventy percent of profit to work with.
Seek Advice
Even if you’ve been investing successfully for many years, some strong losses should urge you to talk to professionals. Some investors may just need another set of eyes on an investment to ensure it looks as secure to them as it does to you. Other investors might need more comprehensive help. Financial advice from Blueprint Wealth can help. Proper investment planning is required if you want to be successful in the long term. Short term profits can be made, but they can never last forever. That’s casino capitalism, and the thing about casinos is that someone always has to lose sometime. 
Keep Your Personal Finances Safe
One of the biggest threats to your investment future is your finances. If your own finances get in such a state you can no longer pay your bills, you’re going to be in some serious trouble. Some investors go down this road, borrowing more and more money just to try making it big on an investment. Before you even reach this dire a situation, you need to stop investing and focus on your own money. 
Save & Reduce Debt
This is related to both the last point and the first point. What should you do with that sixty or seventy percent left out of your profit? You should save it, or use it to pay down your personal debts. Having savings will give you a financial cushion if a series of investments goes very wrong. It should be enough to get you back on your feet and to reinvest again. If you can’t afford quite that much just enough to keep your household finances safe until you can find another career.
Don’t Get Excited
Getting excited about an investment opportunity can severely harm your ability to see the problems with it. You need to be unbiased, and you need to be clear with yourself about the risks. Don’t try to explain away the risks because you like the idea. Just an open mind but don’t be afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked.

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