According to recent reports we are aware of the fact that gas prices and the cost of groceries are rising faster than inflation. Everywhere people are feeling the pressure of the present economy and for most of them, the thought of saving money has become a distant dream. Yes, it is true that when times are tough, saving money is difficult as it becomes simply hard to make ends meet. After meeting all the basic necessities of life, where is the money to save? However, you should be sure that even while you’re living paycheck to paycheck, there are certain ways in which you can save money. There is no substitute to saving money and hence you have to follow certain rules in order to continue with this noble habit. Read on the concerns of this article to know the ways in which you can save money during tough economic conditions and avert the risk of falling into debt.
tough economic conditions
Start off with a small amount
Remember that saving money is not a sprint, rather it’s a marathon. When you’re planning to save $1000, this will certainly be easier when you obtain that goal in a year rather than a few months. So, if you wish to put your savings goal into work, you always have to start small. Don’t you think you can ultimately save $5 in a week to end up saving a huge amount in the long run? Saving $5 in a week won’t sound too huge and therefore this can be accomplished easier than saving $1000 in a year. So start small!
Auto-pilot your savings account
You must have heard about this tip before but if you wish to follow this tip, you need to save money at the first place. If you feel that you can only save money once you’ve paid for all the groceries and bills, you will always come up empty. The key to saving money is to treat your savings as a bill which is your obligation. Think of your monthly savings as an obligation that needs to be paid and pay it off before your money is spent on other items. Create an automatic savings plan where a fixed amount of money will be deducted from your salary account and transferred to your savings account.
Stop using your credit cards
Didn’t you know that your credit cards are the main reasons for the present debt situation in the nation? How about stopping the usage of credit cards in order to avoid falling in debt? When you have the option of carrying cash instead of credit, why would you carry your plastics when you’re sure that this would lead to a serious debt mess in the long run? Stuff your wallet with cash and let go of the habit of taking resort to credit when you can’t afford things with cash.
Strictly follow a budget
When the financial time is not smooth enough, you should stress on the importance of following a budget. Without following a budget, it is almost impossible to stay within your means in the present economic conditions. Once you’re able to live within your budget, you can soon start reining in your finances. The budget should be frugal where all the unnecessary items would be done away with. 
Evaluate the budget at the end of the month so that you may add some space for improvement for the next month. Resolve never to lead a life beyond your means and control your temptations to be on the safer side. 
Try your luck
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