Most of us believe that we can only dream of owning our own supercar… that they’re more the realm of professional footballers and celebrities, but affording a supercar of your own might just be more achievable than you think. A supercar will always represent a big financial commitment, but if you’ve got your heart set on one of your own there are ways to minimize that commitment and bring it within reach. Here’s a guide to help you afford a supercar! Yes it can happen, and does. You might think twice about presuming someone is a millionaire when you see a supercar next.
Consider Leasing

How to Afford a Supercar
You might not have realized that this is even an option, but leasing a supercar is a fantastic way to enjoy all the benefits and thrills of driving a supercar each day, without the responsibilities or massive financial outlay purchasing one would require. Leasing a car lets you avoid any unexpected costs by offering a fixed monthly payment for the term of the lease, with an initial deposit at the start of the agreement. Generally this deposit is non-refundable, and acts as a security deposit against the car. You then commit to a fixed period lease and simply hand the car back at the end of that period. Therefore the arduous job of selling the car and picking up the tab for depreciation falls to the lease company. Also, monthly lease payments are often much lower than they would be if you buy a car on finance…. Although this isn’t an option most supercar companies offer! So leasing a supercar could bring a luxury vehicle within your budget’s reach. Lease Car have a range of supercars to lease over various time periods, to suit various budgets – giving you the oppourtunity to drive one of these incredible machines. 
Budget for Maintenance 
If you do decide that purchase is the way to go and manage to save the money to buy a supercar, it’s vital that you consider how you’ll afford the maintenance expenses – as with a vehicle of this caliber they can be significant. People often think that supercars are fragile things that you need to treat with all the care and attention of a thoroughbred horse, but this isn’t always as extreme as the rumours say. While you do need to perform regular maintenance, it’s about finding the balance between what you have to do and what you would do in an ideal world. There’s no point spending a small fortune on buying your own supercar, and then hiding it away in the garage for fear of damaging something you couldn’t afford to fix. The chances of a catastrophic failure are very, very, slim – so it would be expensive to replace the engine if it failed completely, it’s incredibly unlikely that this will happen. Although it is important to remember that the costs of parts and servicing will be proportional to the value of the car; for example a set of tires can run up to four times as expensive as a normal set. You can bring the costs down slightly by finding a reliable independent garage, rather than going to the main dealership – their service might be the best, but it’ll cost you. 
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  1. Nothing is impossible if you have great finance management skills and careful planning strategies in mind. The entire process might be utterly time-consuming at the initial few stages but the hard work will guarantee results at the end of your ordeal. A super car might cost a bomb if you are an average wage earner, but in due time you will be able to experience actually driving one after much savings.

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