In recent years, serviced offices have experienced a rapid growth in popularity. This trend was largely catalysed by the financial crash of 2007, which saw businesses looking not only for more economical ways to rent premises, but also searching for mediums that offered more flexibility, to allow them to adapt to the growing atmosphere of uncertainty that gripped the country. 
This trend was about more than just damage limitation; as the market became ever more competitive, businesses needed to thrive. Company premises can have a marked influence on their success, helping to refine a brand’s image. Location and working environment, too, play a major role, and serviced offices offer the very best of both.
Serviced Office
If your business is in need of a reboot, then it could be that a serviced office, like those offered by Landmark Plc., is just the solution you’re looking for. Read on to discover some of their key benefits and how they could benefit your enterprise…
Simplicity and Convenience
One of the key benefits of serviced offices is that they take the entire burden of maintenance and outfitting from business owners. When you sign that lease, you’re also securing a reliable internet connection, a phone line and furnishings. 
Most serviced offices will offer the added boon of a staffed reception, cleaning services and refreshment facilities, taking the time and effort of organising these from your already over-burdened shoulders. 
Flexible Leases
The average business lease will last for three to five years, yet knowing what your staff headcount, business priorities and locational needs will be this far into the future is a luxury enjoyed by very few companies. Serviced office leases offer much greater flexibility, with many of them allowing you to end your agreement much more easily. This means that your business need never be tied to a particular location, allowing you to expand or contract freely, and to move as it suits you.   
A Professional Image
Another benefit of serviced offices is that they help to convey a professional image. They are usually furnished to a high standard and outfitted with an experienced reception team to greet your clients, as well as providing a variety of spaces to meet your needs, such as conference areas and meeting rooms. This is very helpful in ensuring that you promote a corporate image for your business. Even for those clients who do not visit, the experienced reception team you have access to will help to engender this view of your company.    
Prime Location
Furthermore, serviced offices tend to be sited in the very best locations. Often, these are city centres or sites with access to major transportation hubs. 
A particularly appealing boon of using a serviced office is the cost savings that can be made; research by the UK Charted Institute of Purchasing placed these at up to 78 per cent. This sounds too good to be true, but it’s easy to understand how such substantial savings are made when you break it down. Firstly, there is no initial outlay for equipment. Utility and other bills are added in with the rent, which is a set amount that you know you can meet. Further, there is usually no requirement for you to hire secretaries, reception, post room, maintenance or cleaning staff, which saves a significant sum not only on wages, but also on recruitment costs. Additionally, infrequently used spaces, such as conference or meeting rooms, can usually be paid for on a ‘pay-per-use’ basis, which means that you’re not spending money on heating, renting and maintaining rooms that are rarely ventured into.   
Now that you know the many advantages of serviced offices, perhaps it’s time that you considered renting some for your business.

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