With the rising cost of utility bills, it makes sense that we try to do what we can to keep these low. It is easy to assume that in order to save money you need to do work well in advance of winter, but that is not the case at all.
Money On My Heating
With winter well upon us, many of us are used to having our heating on as much as possible just to keep warm. This can be expensive and this cost is a worry to many people. However, rather than worry about it too much, use this as an excuse to start making your home more energy efficient.
Using Your Heating In The Right Way
As much as we would all like our heating to be on 24/7 we really don’t have the funds to do this. Instead, we need to make the most of our heating, so it works as efficiently as possible. For starters you need to make sure that heat cannot escape the rooms you are trying to keep warm. Draught excluders are a life saver for this! It should go without saying, but making sure that doors are closed as much as possible also helps. During the evenings keep curtains closed too. You basically need to do what you can to keep heating trapped inside rooms.
Invest In New Heating Ideas
It is also worth looking at whether there are investments you can make into new equipment which could help. For example, such as installing a ductless heat pump system. These systems require you to spend an amount to buy them, but this can easily be recouped. They’ll save you plenty of money on your heating bills, especially if you look at it long-term over a couple of years.
Upgrading Your Home
There are also upgrades to your home that can help. For example if your windows are quite old then it could be time to change these. You really don’t want heat escaping through old window frames or double glazing. It is also worth looking at insulating your home. This involves placing a layer of material through the brickwork in your home and the attic. Think of this as like covering your home with a giant blanket, to help keep the heat inside. 
Save Now For The Future
It goes without saying that some of these changes will take time to put into place. This means that you are really looking to save money for the future rather than this season. However, small changes you can make will make a little dent on your heating bill this year. So use your heating more sensibly this season to try and make a difference now. On top of that you need to start investing in changes to save money on your heating bills in the future. The chances are that the cost of heating is only going to carry on rising, so you need to make changes now to help counteract this.
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  1. As the oil price is currently stay low, many people are increase their heating usage. This is not good if the oil price going high again and they will need to pay more for their heating expenses.

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