A Long Way From Home — Why Study Abroad?

Studying in a new country can be an amazing opportunity, both academically and personally. You’ll gain so much from the academic way of life that your life will be richer, both during the experience on undergraduate or graduate programs abroad, and, after studies, financially.

You’ll learn about other countries

Sure, you see lots of new places while you’re on vacation, but nothing beats living in a new country to really know it. You’ll make friends with the locals, maybe learn a new language, do your grocery shopping in local supermarkets — the list is endless. You’re totally immersed in a new culture, really experiencing everything and having a true adventure.

You’ll learn about your own country

Once you live in a new place, you’ll be able to see your own country in the context of the whole world, instead of just in the context of the one place you grew up in. You’ll understand how your country fits into the wider world, and you’ll begin to appreciate your country’s traditions and history so much more.

You’ll increase your career prospects

International experience looks amazing on your resume: your future employer will know that you’re not afraid of new experiences, you’re adventurous and intrepid, and you have a wide knowledge base and confidence to bring to a new role. You’ll be even more employable than you were before, and you’ll end up with a great job.
Study Abroad
You’ll make new friends and forget old stereotypes
Your old friends are great, but you can never have too many new ones. Having friends all over the world is a lifelong gift: you’ll always have people to visit and people who want to visit you! Not only that, but these new friends will teach you about the world and you’ll learn that everyone is different and no one fits your predetermined beliefs about other cultures and people.

Academic advantage

Whether you’re taking a year abroad as a small part of a degree in your home country, or studying an entire degree in a new country, you’ll find that your educational experience will be much richer because you left behind the familiar and embraced new cultures in a new land. You’ll learn more, gain further skills applicable to your future, and learn to grasp all opportunities that come your way!


On weekends and study vacations, you’ll explore the surrounding areas and maybe even further afield. It’s a great opportunity to see countries you’d never have thought to visit from your home country, and you’ll have so many amazing stories to tell when you get home!

Widen your horizons and take a step towards a successful future by studying in a new place and meeting as many new people as possible. You’ll never be the same again, and you’ll never regret it!

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