*The below services are specific to Australia but most governments will have similar services for its citizens.
The economy can seem a bit tough, but there are governmental services available that can help you break the cycle of just getting by and even help you start getting ahead. Below are just a few of the services available through the Australian government for households that are looking for ways to save and earn more money.
Government Services to Help Get Ahead
You might be surprised at what you can qualify for by simply doing a little research and following it up with a few phone calls. Help your family and personal finances by exploring all of the possibilities today. There are numerous services beyond Centrelink benefits or loans to help Australians get ahead. Charities or non-profits also have programs which may include personal loans for emergencies.
Child Care Access Hotline Number
When both parents need to work, then locating child care is no longer optional. Calling 1 800 670 305  from 8.00am to 6.00pm country wide Monday through Friday will give you access to current information on daycare and in-home care services available in your area. You’ll be able to find openings to get the care services you need. There is also information about getting help with child care expenses from the Australian government.
Business License
The ABLIS, or Australian Business License and Information Service is a great place to explore the possibilities of obtaining a license and starting a business of your own. They offer complete and current information to ensure that you will know how to operate within compliance and acceptable standards. Combine your great business ideas with the information you need to create a successful venture that will move your life forward.
Employment Services
Staying on top of the job market doesn’t have to seem like a second job. Job Services Australia can help you gain access to employment services throughout the country. Whether you’ve recently moved or are contemplating one, you’ll be able to research the job openings available in real time.  There are even openings listed for those with qualifying disabilities. Keeping up with current employment opportunities is a definite way to get ahead.
Household Assistance for Carbon Cost Increases
Families and individuals that are currently receiving assistance will be eligible for increases based on the amount that the cost of carbon goods increases your cost of living. The push for a greener environment can actually benefit you and get you ahead. Be sure and check to see if you’ve received all of the benefits you deserve and are qualified for. Benefits include the Clean Energy Advance and nearly tripling the tax free income amounts. Tax time savings are always a welcome surprise.
Disability Assistance
If you or a family member has been declared disabled and unable to work full time, then you can receive cash assistance to help you get ahead. There is help both on a temporary and long term basis. There’s no reason to have to struggle when help is available. You can even locate a job that will allow you to work part time and cover the gap with disability benefits. Disabilities can include physical, chronic illness and psychiatric. There are also benefits to help families with disabled children. Expenses can add up quickly and the benefits can help you keep afloat in a sea of bills.
By putting forth a little effort, you can help yourself and your family, get through the tough times.  The government can assist you with easing the burden of financial difficulties.

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