A recent survey revealed that an Actuary is the most desired and ‘best ‘profession to work as based on a number of key factors , including working environment, stress, hiring outlook and physical demands. This is hardly surprising when considering the amazing perks of the role, so let’s take a look at just why it’s so good to pursue a career as an actuary.
benefits of being an Actuary

Money, money, money

Yes, money isn’t everything, but when it comes to being an Actuary, is one of the most obvious benefits. The industry traditionally offers a very appealing numeration packages with UK actuaries typically earning around £46,000 per year and the more experienced and senior Actuaries (Chief Actuary) taking home over £200,000. Plus, working within the corporate world tends to present you with a few extras such as extensive health insurance/life insurance packages and more.

Job satisfaction

Actuaries get to work with what they love best –  numbers.  As such the job satisfaction that comes with being an actuary can be incredibly high as it offers professionals a chance to problem solve and in many cases have a positive impact upon legislation, individuals and businesses as well as the overall industry itself which can be incredibly rewarding.

Going global

Another fantastic USP of working as an Actuary are the travel opportunities. Being an Actuary is a truly international profession with transferable skills that adapt to the changing financial climates across the world. Whilst many Actuaries choose the stay based in the UK there are a growing number moving abroad to explore emerging market in countries such as the USA, Germany and South Africa.

Safe and secure

Whilst the Actuarial industry can be competitive, it’s very much a case of ‘once you’re in, you’re in.’  Plus is today’s turbulent financial climate where job security is uncertain, unemployment levels climbing and the demand for risk assessment high, there has never been a better time for the Actuary. Actuarial recruiters, Star Actuarial are seeing consistent increases in the number of roles becoming available for Actuaries and currently have a whole host of roles on offer within the Actuarial professional, both in the UK and abroad.
So, there you have it, the most desired and highest rated job in the world today is an Actuary. It’s easy to see why with an extensive range of perks available no matter what level of your career you’re at.
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