The thought of owning your own home can definitely be exciting. Owning something of that value can make you feel very proud. Before you think about buying a home, you have to come up with a down payment, which is usually 20 percent of the purchase price. For example, if the home you want to buy is $200,000, you will have to come up with $40,000 to put down. It can be difficult to come up with this amount of money in a short amount of time. Here are a few ways you can get money for a mortgage down payment. 
Borrow Money from Your 401 (k)
If you have a 401 (k) plan at your job, you should think about borrowing money from it. Most companies allow their employees to borrow from their 401 (k) accounts if they promise to put the money back in. Know that you will not be taxed if you repay the loan.
Learn How to Get Money for a Mortgage Down Payment
Look Into Government Programs
Many state and local government agencies offer great programs that first time home buyers should take advantage of. There are several government agencies that will give you money for a mortgage down payment. Find out if you are eligible for any of these programs and apply. 
Ask Your Employer for Money
If the company you work for has required you to relocate, you can ask your employer for an advance on your down payment. If you are not transferring, you can still ask your employer if the company has a program that gives assistance for buying homes.
Sell Your Assets
If you have valuable assets that you really don’t need, you should consider selling them. The money you receive can be used for a down payment on a house. Selling your car, boat, motorcycle or other valuable possessions can bring you thousands of dollars.
Talk to Your Real Estate Agent
This idea might sound a little crazy, but think about talking to your real estate agent about your problem. Tell her that you do not have enough money for the down payment and are not sure what to do. Some real estate agents will actually give up a portion of their commission to prevent losing a sale. 
If you follow these helpful tips, you should be able to get money for your mortgage down payment. If your credit is not in good shape, you shoulder consider using a credit repair company before buying a home. 

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