Though reports indicate that the national unemployment rate is dropping, there are still plenty of people out of work or underemployed. If you’re stuck in a job you could do with your eyes closed, but you’re afraid to quit in today’s shaky market for fear of not finding work soon enough, it may be time to supplement your income with some work on the side. 
3 Ways to Supplement Your Income and Make Money on the Side
There are 24 hours in a day and only seven or eight of them are spent sleeping. This means that every moment you’re not tied to the office, you can be making extra money. Read on for three ways you can branch out of your comfort zone and see profits along the way. 
Start a Business
Starting a business is not a guaranteed success. But, with a good idea and a well-laid plan, you can turn a fledgling business into an on-the-side moneymaker or full-fledged profession. Follow your passion and create a product so you can charge others to do something you love doing. Are you a tech whiz? Knitting guru? Baking master? Wherever your talents lie, leverage them to bring in some extra income. Start saving now and you’ll have a sizeable nest egg down the line.
Take up Day Trading
Buying and selling stock isn’t for everyone, and in fact, it has a low success rate. But with proper mentoring by industry professionals and taking a financial education course to brush up on skills, you can learn to day trade and manage your earnings wisely. You might need some start-up capital to start trading effectively, but with time, effort, and focus, you can bring in a second income through investing practices. 
Be a Writer
If you love to write, turn it into more than just a pastime. Turn it into profits. You can start your own blog or contribute to others as a guest poster. Get your name out there, build up your reputation, and people will pay you to write within your field of expertise. Use social media and SEO strategies to your advantage and you can grow your blog or website into a popular online destination. If you successfully create a blog with decent traffic, you can place ads on your site and bring in extra money with minimal effort. 
It does take some time to reap the benefits of a side profession but with dedication and hard work, you can earn a considerable amount of money without sacrificing the job you have. 

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