Oklahomans With Concealed Weapons Licenses Now Allowed To Openly Carry

                       “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” 
                                           “A right unexercised is a right lost.”  
November 1st is going to be the start of something new for Oklahomans; they are going to be able to carry weapons openly in public, and into businesses that allow it. As you may imagine, this has been a long time in the making. Gun proponents fight in every state for similar laws, and Oklahoma will be the newest to join numerous other states in allowing open carry.
Oklahoma has some 142,000 men and women licensed to carry concealed weapons in the state, meaning they can walk down the street with their weapon concealed in an appropriate holster such as the https://gunlawsuits.org/top-picks/best-taurus-g3-holster/ as long as the weapon isn’t visible to others. The new law allows any person who has a concealed weapons permit to carry openly. Those that actually have concealed weapons permit definitely fit into a specific demographic. The average age in the state for licensed holders is 51. This law replaces the fiction with fact that the state has an image of gun-totting cowboys and Yosemite Sams. Though, it’s not exactly the Wild West and lawlessness is certainly not expected to erupt due to this law. In fact, they hope quite the opposite will hold true.
Oklahomans With Concealed Weapons Licenses Now Allowed To Openly Carry
The law prohibits concealed or unconcealed firearms in a handful of places including government buildings, schools and bars. Other businesses must decide on their own on how to handle the open carry law, determining whether they will allow patrons to enter who are openly carrying or not.
Currently, all but six states total have some form of open carry law. Some states don’t require having a concealed weapons license, such as Arizona. While many east coast states make it nearly impossible to receive the concealed weapons permit, let alone their open carry. So it is clear that the nation is not entirely united in their thoughts on how to deal with our second amendment rights. But one thing is for sure, and that is many people are fighting for our second amendment rights to remain in place, and not be infringed on. As you may well assume, there are those that advocate for more lenient gun laws, and those who criticize the leniency in which gun laws have received.  
Advocates Arguments
One common argument that has been circulating is that open carry laws will help to deter criminals. The most basic concept is that robbery or crime is usually committed on those that are unable to defend themselves. It would be difficult for criminals to pull a gun on another person who has a weapon. Especially if there are multiple people with weapons already present. This will either completely deter criminal activity, or result in tremendous bloodshed. But one thing is for certain, usually when mutual destruction is imminent, neither party makes a move as self preservation still overrides greed and the like. 
The best advertisement Americans can offer to highlight our nations Second Amendment Rights, ones that other countries people may envy, and hope for themselves. A right that many Americans would argue should be a natural born right of not just American citizens, but for all people. Every person has the right to protect themselves, their loved ones and property. Allowing for open carry shows our appreciation for this right.
Those that are allowed to openly carry a weapon are trained and vetted. Who wouldn’t want such individuals to frequent their businesses or places? It would seem that the business would be safer when there are those around that can help to protect. It’s better to have trusted people carrying guns in public than no one at all. Because criminals will still carry illegally regardless, so rather than have no one around to even the odds, allow trusted and tested individuals to help protect.  
Critics Arguments
Those that are opposed to the new law believe that it will create problems with law enforcement agencies between balancing gun owner’s constitutional rights and maintaining order.
Another arguments is that the law can make it difficult for the police officers to sort out the good guys from the bad at a crime scene. Essentially that when the police arrive, there are going to be so many people with guns, that it will be impossible to tell who the criminal is.
Others feel that Oklahoma City has an opportunity to continue to be a modern and upscale city. This new law may tarnish that image, and people need to be careful about the image they are sending to the rest of the state, as well as nation. They feel it may not bode well for the tourism industry, as people may well fear being in public.
In the end, I have my own completely and entirely biased opinion. Which is of the mind that if you’re too lily-livered to use the rights you’ve been given, you’re bound to lose them. Sadly, the second amendment is the right that ensures all of our others remain in place and are not infringed upon. If someone forcefully tells us we cant speak our mind, or vote, what then are we supposed to do? The right to bear arms was not thought up because our forefathers liked it as a recreational hobby, or were worried about being robbed by their neighbor. Their concern solely rested on the idea that power corrupts, and power must be kept in check. We have the right to bear arms not to defend ourselves from each other, or from a foreign nation, but from our own government.
That is first and foremost, and since the government is not likely to become so tyrannically corrupt any time soon, we need to tirelessly exercise our rights to remind those in power that true power does exist with them, but with us. Those that offer their vote to those they feel deserve to represent them. Our right to bear arms ensures all of our other rights remain in place; at least that’s what the forefathers foresaw. 

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