Owning a car, especially in this day and age, can be an expensive privilege. You have to spend more and more on fuel even though you’re buying the same amount, car tax seems to be more expensive than ever, while the cost of insurance can be hard to cope with for some motorists. While saving money on tax and petrol can be hard, it’s possible to reduce your spending on car insurance without it coming at the expense of the level of cover your receive. Here are a few tips on how to do so:
save money on car insurance
•    If you’re a younger driver who’s likely to spend more on a monthly premium, take a Pass Plus Course. This is a test that, if passed, acts a certificate proving that you’re safe when on the road, which will in turn reduce your insurance costs.
•    Drive a smaller, less powerful but more efficient car. Trading downwards can not only make it cheaper for you to drive, but it also means you’ll pay less for insurance. The reason for that is insurers recognise that smaller vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents and are favoured by careful drivers.
•    Shop around. Before deciding, visiting a price comparison website can help you get quotes from multiple insurers quickly and efficiently.
•    Drive sensibly. By avoiding accidents for a number of years, you will probably be given a discount by your current insurer in the form of a no claims bonus. This could see you being given a discount over 10% or so depending on how long you’ve gone without needing to claim.

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