Fire kills in minutes, smoke kills in seconds, and lack of adequate fire safety equipment and training in the workplace makes people more than twice as likely to be killed by either fire or smoke.
As a company it is vital that you install all the proper fire-fighting and warning equipment and train your staff so everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire.
Any business that employs staff or allows access to members of the public is required by law to have suitable fire extinguishers on the premises.
Remember that all fire-fighting equipment needs to be checked regularly, in some cases by the fire department, and should always be kept in plain sight and in an easy-to-access area. Also, make sure that products and equipment are locked away safely to prevent further damage or even deadlier situations. For instance, if your company deals with a large number of flammable substances, it’s vital they’re kept away in a Flammable Storage with STOREMASTA (or another company) unit.
Fire Safety Equipment
Fire drills should be carried out on a regular basis throughout the year as a reminder, and whenever a new employee starts work. These ensure that everyone in the building knows where the meeting point is in the event of an evacuation.
Practicing also helps keep a lid on panic if and when the real thing occurs. If people are used to the drill they will most likely follow procedure calmly thinking this is just another practice. By the time most people realise it is a real fire they will already be out of harm’s way.
Appoint a fire safety monitor or director to be in charge of ensuring evacuation procedures run smoothly and checks are made in toilets or other hidden areas, and that anyone with a disability has the help they need to get out in time.
Provide plenty of additional training to this person or persons on top of the regular fire safety drills.
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  1. This is very helpful information. It's good to have a planned fire drill at least once a month. It should be noted that people should never exit using an elevator in the event of a building fire.

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