Let’s be clear; too much choice is counter-productive. It can be very difficult for the complete novice to find one of the very good online brokers offering a cheap parcel delivery service for deliveries both within the UK and abroad. Enter cheap courier delivery into Google and you will need a cool head and plenty of time to sift through even the first few pages and perhaps the rest of your life to give careful consideration to the 50 million + links!

Finding the best Parcel Delivery Service is easy when you know how

Get technology to work for you rather than against you by logging onto the independent review site TrustPilot. Read through the reviews in confidence, because the courier has no control over them and compile a short list from a few of the top-rated companies. You will probably find that the top three online UK couriers – ParcelHero, Interparcel and Parcel2Go – figure prominently. Then compare and test their web sites, find out how easy they are to contact and how knowledgeable their staff are and make your selection.

Finding the best Parcel Delivery Service is easy when you know how
It is a sad fact that a very small percentage of UK and international parcels fail completely or suffer delays in transit. However a few of these can be resolved by a knowledgeable and pro-active courier who will explore every possible avenue on your behalf. An active courier broker such as ParcelHero will have direct contacts within the big four global carriers and, as a very large customer, can insist on your behalf that everything is done to find or deliver your parcel. 
You can also play your part by wrapping your parcel securely and placing your contact details and the address you have sent the parcel to inside it.

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