Sourcing Reliable Company Data for Free

Whether you’re doing market research, looking for suppliers or recruiting employees, researching companies is essential for your business decisions. Another crucial element in the process is the source of your data as it needs to be error-free and easy to access and understand.

One good thing about the Internet is that it brings together countless sources from all over the world. At the same time, many sources are not verifiable or if they are, they’re not freely accessible or in an understandable form. It’s like that old saying: knowledge is power, and that’s not a resource people tend to give away.

Sourcing Reliable Company Data for Free
One of the best ways to gain competitive and market intelligence is to review company accounts, which are filed annually at UK Companies House. All limited companies, whether private or public, trading or non-trading are required to file varying levels of data at Companies House within 21 months of incorporation (public limited companies must file within 18 months).

You can learn quite a lot about a company’s culture by interacting with them via social networks. Befriending someone on Facebook, following them on Twitter or joining their LinkedIn network is a pretty good way to make contact with acquaintances and potential suppliers, employees, business partners and friends.

By searching the UK business directory at you can look up information on any company or director in the UK and Ireland going back 20 years, for free. The site provides financial histories, contact information, corporate structures, health and safety certification and more, and it also integrates with social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

A financial tool like Duedil is useful for those looking to cross check information, for example, director information and company histories, where there are things like red flags for ongoing litigation and HSE sanctions. Cross checking the information is made easier because it’s all in one place and registration is free.

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