Spread Betting – The Affordable Way to Invest in Gold?

The price of gold is very expensive these days (since the beginning of the century, the price of gold has increased five-fold), providing it with continuing allure and the prospect of a safe port in the economic storm. This makes plans to invest in gold very attractive – but also seemingly expensive. So how can the ordinary investor get in on the action without possessing a vast amount of capital?

Spread Betting – The Affordable Way to Invest in Gold?
As with all commodities, supply and demand greatly informs the price of gold, and speculation about these factors also has its effect. What makes gold different is the fact that possession of the commodity is by far the most important thing about it, unlike for instance oil, which is the world’s premier energy source. As a result, trading and speculation in gold behaves more like currency trading – although its relative scarcity both keeps its value high and makes it non-viable as a genuine form of currency.

One relatively easy way to enter into the lucrative market of investing in or trading on the price of gold is via spread betting. This is a form of derivatives trading, and so does not require ownership of the asset itself. Nevertheless, a spread bet allows the investor to make money from the ups and downs of the price of gold, betting on whether the price will rise or fall. If the investor’s prediction is correct, then the profits made are equivalent to the initial stake, multiplied by each point of movement in the market.

Due to the intense levels of trading on the gold markets, and the subsequently intense price fluctuation, many spread clients see the precious metal as a very good investment. This is also because of the stability of gold as a commodity, with traders choosing to invest in gold to protect against inflation and better weather the storms of a volatile market in difficult economic times. To get some idea of the enduring stability of gold, one only has to note that its spending power (the amount of goods one can buy with an amount of gold) has remained broadly the same for the past 700 years.

There are of course risks, however. All forms of betting carry with them a degree of risk, and an investor can find that more than just their initial capital has been lost. Spread betting is not a guaranteed “gold mine”, and reputable asset management services can offer trustworthy advice to any investor thinking of going down this path.

Infographic describing the 8 Best Ways to Invest in Gold

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Why Bad Credit Loans Not Payday Loans?

If you are stuck in an economic crisis you can avail the necessary funds to help you sought out the financial troubles by getting bad credit loans not payday loans. This will be equally applicable if you have bad credit history. Many people think that getting a loan for people with bad credit is hard. Never mind because there is some good news for you. It is now possible to get an approved loan with bad credit. There are very many lenders who are offering loans to people who have poor credit ratings. The good thing is that apart from sorting out your financial issues, these loans will also give you an opportunity to restore your credit rating.

Why Bad Credit Loans Not Payday Loans?

Online Search of Bad Credit Loans Not Payday Loans

With the advent of the internet, you can easily search online for this facility as many lenders are now opting to showcase their business over the internet. Since there are many lenders online that you can be contacted, you will need to do comparison shopping so that you settle for the lender of your choice. A simple online search of 'loan' or 'bad credit loan', will give you a variety of businesses to research into. Once you've found the desired company, it's worth contacting them as soon as to get the advice and help you need.. This will direct you to many lenders and you just need to click on one to view their terms and conditions.

Requirements of Bad Credit Loan Not Payday Loans
  • Citizenship. You must have American Citizenship
  • Age. If you are planning to get this loan, you must be above the age of 18 years
  • Regular job. You must have a regular job that brings regular income to apply for this facility
  • Bank account. You must possess a bank account through which all the transactions can be done
Usage of Bad Credit Loans Not Payday Loans

You have many option of using such loans. The loan amount can be used for any of your needs. One of the uses of such a loan is debt consolidation. Your dream of buying or building a new home can come true using personal loans for bad credit. Other options you have include plan for the vacation of your dream, settling payment of medical bills, buying a car, renovating your home. Another good option is investing the money in business or share market. Thus, if you have a valid reason, you can get this loan.

As it has been seen in the article, it is evident that you can avail bad credit loans not payday loans. There are many unsecured personal loans lenders offering this facility. You will need to be a US citizen, of 18 years and above, have a regular job and a bank account.

Consolidate your debt can be also done with such lenders even with bad credit score. There will be a fair chance to get debt for pay your all dues and this can be done with ease. There will be no problem at all for approval even with low credit. By doing this you could also improve your past ruined credit which might create a lot of problem for a borrower while taking cash from online lender as a debt.

Online Coupon Codes at Coupon Chief

There are a lot of couponing sites available for the person who loves to save. With so many options available, Coupon Chief has managed to stand out above the crowd.

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Online Coupon Codes at Coupon Chief

Best of all; find it all in one place and at your fingertips. The easy to use alerts allow you to choose your preferences and receive alerts for the products you would like. It is so easy to use: You search your coupon. Go to the site. Shop! And upon checkout just enter in the code for your savings. Or if you are more into brick and mortar, look into the printable coupons available.

As a bonus, Coupon Chief’s pay-2-share program allows you to be compensated for sharing your coupons with other couponers. You get paid to save money essentially and to help others save. You share the coupon code with the site and you are paid 2% of the sales. Once your account reaches $25 you can be paid out.

As a great bonus, not only can you share your coupons through social media; you can also make your saving count through charity. Coupons-4-Causes will donate a percentage of your purchases to your favorite charity!

Whether you want to eat out, dine in, or just make it a “Treat Me” day, Coupon Chief can connect you with great deals. Instead of searching website by website and dealing with annoying pop ups from other sites, just make Coupon Chief your one stop shopping place.

Finding the Best Deal for House and Contents Insurance

If you think you're paying too much for your house and contents insurance, there's an easy way to lower your bills and put the money you’ll save to better use. Perhaps you’ve stuck with the same insurance provider since you last moved home or, worse still, maybe you’ve never bought any insurance, believing it to be too expensive, and the risk of needing to claim very low. 

Finding the Best Deal for House and Contents Insuranceb

1. Whilst your house/building insurance needs to cover the cost of fixing or rebuilding in the event of damage, you can afford to be pickier with your contents insurance. To keep your premium low, consider what items you really need to insure; for example, if you own high-value items that are rarely used, store them in a safety deposit box at your bank, fire-proof home safe, or at a fully-insured storage facility.

2. Protect your home and immediately lower the cost of your insurance by taking security measures such as fitting a house alarm, smoke detectors, window locks, deadlocks, and possibly CCTV. The more secure your home, the less risk you will pose to your insurer.

3. Shop around on price comparison websites or cancancover to find and compare the best deals. Often, combining house and contents insurance with the same provider can attract significant discounts.

4. Volunteer to pay a higher excess than the standard required. Although this means you will have to pay out more should you need to make a claim, it could save you hundreds of pounds on your premium over the years.

Follow these suggestions and let cancancover start saving you money on your house and contents insurance today.

How to reduce the cost of your landlord insurance

If you’re a landlord who’s tired of paying over the odds for simple landlord insurance, did you know that there are several ways you can lower the cost of your premium? The less you spend on insurance, the more profit you’ll make from your rent, so why not take a look at our money-saving tips below:

How to reduce the cost of your landlord insurance

1. Find out the rebuild value of your rental property, your policy will need to include this figure in order to cover any costs sufficiently, should the worst happen. You should be able to find this on the surveyors report from when you bought the building. If you don't have one, get a survey done, or find a website that will help you determine its rebuild value.

2. Get your property in full working order. Proper maintenance is essential if you really want to lower the cost of your insurance, and failure to perform these obligations may result in your insurance being declared null and void in the event of a claim. For example, ensure deadlocks, smoke detectors and house alarms are working properly, and check them regularly. Remember that you're not just covering yourself, but also the safety of your tenants.

3. Visit a price comparison website to collect quotes from various companies and do some thorough research to see which can provide you with the best value-for-money. It's important not to sign up for the cheapest deal; investigate what coverage the insurer provides to check that you will be fully covered should you need to make a claim.

4. Consider raising your excess to a higher amount than the standard, as this may significantly reduce costs. Alternatively, if you have sufficient cash flow to cover smaller claims yourself, be sure to let your insurance company know so that they can adjust your premium accordingly.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find low-cost, simple landlord insurance if you bear this guidance in mind.

Sourcing Reliable Company Data for Free

Whether you’re doing market research, looking for suppliers or recruiting employees, researching companies is essential for your business decisions. Another crucial element in the process is the source of your data as it needs to be error-free and easy to access and understand.

One good thing about the Internet is that it brings together countless sources from all over the world. At the same time, many sources are not verifiable or if they are, they’re not freely accessible or in an understandable form. It’s like that old saying: knowledge is power, and that’s not a resource people tend to give away.

Sourcing Reliable Company Data for Free

One of the best ways to gain competitive and market intelligence is to review company accounts, which are filed annually at UK Companies House. All limited companies, whether private or public, trading or non-trading are required to file varying levels of data at Companies House within 21 months of incorporation (public limited companies must file within 18 months).

You can learn quite a lot about a company’s culture by interacting with them via social networks. Befriending someone on Facebook, following them on Twitter or joining their LinkedIn network is a pretty good way to make contact with acquaintances and potential suppliers, employees, business partners and friends.

By searching the UK business directory at Duedil.com you can look up information on any company or director in the UK and Ireland going back 20 years, for free. The site provides financial histories, contact information, corporate structures, health and safety certification and more, and it also integrates with social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

A financial tool like Duedil is useful for those looking to cross check information, for example, director information and company histories, where there are things like red flags for ongoing litigation and HSE sanctions. Cross checking the information is made easier because it’s all in one place and registration is free.