Trucking Accidents Where the Commercial Vehicle is at Fault

It is unfortunate when any accident occurs, but it is important to understand who is at fault before any legal actions can take place. We are going to discuss certain instances where the commercial vehicle is at fault rather than the passenger vehicle. This will hopefully help inform victims before they search for a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney.
It is obvious that large commercial vehicles create certain dangers on the road due to their size and weight. So it ought to be mentioned that while driving next to any large vehicle, you should be particularly careful. With that said, let’s discuss some areas where the driver of the commercial vehicle has made a mistake and is at fault.
Trucking Accidents Where the Commercial Vehicle is at Fault
Driver fatigue is one such area where an accident may have been avoidable had the driver been properly rested. There are federal regulations which state both how many hours a commercial driver can be on the road, as well as how many hours of sleep must be had the night before. Any driver who has made a long trip and noticed the drowsiness setting in understands the risks of driver fatigue. The danger of this to other motorists is increased when you add a 60-80 ton vehicle to the equation.
A commercial vehicle, which is not maintained properly, causes certain risks to both the driver as well as other motorists. Certain mechanical failures can arise which can create these great risks, such as brake failure. All equipment on a commercial vehicle should be properly maintained and checked regularly. The truck drivers themselves are expected to perform a complete pre-trip inspection of their vehicle prior to departure.
Many commercial vehicles carry exposed loads, which are supposed to be properly secured. If these loads are improperly secured, the shifting and movement during transit may result in them falling off. Certain vehicles carrying loose material such as gravel, trees, and dirt are supposed to cover the material with a tarp to avoid the wind from blowing it onto nearby vehicles. There are also weight limits to what certain trucks can carry, if this weight limit is exceeded, it can cause the truck to not respond as it normally would.
Truckers are often on a very tight schedule, and there is often also incentive to get to where they are going faster. If you have ever seen the show Ice Road Truckers, you will quickly notice that the more trips and loads delivered, the more money that can be made by the drivers. This excessive speed can quickly result in an accident. As these large trucks are not formula-1 performance vehicles, they should always abide by the speed limits posted.
Simply put, unsafe driving on behalf of the truck driver can cause Commercial Truck Accidents. There are certain rules and regulations, which they must often follow less they break these specific laws. There are often designated truck lanes, which are provided to truckers on certain stretches of road. These are provided for a reason, and the failure to use them can result in an accident. 
Weather is another common cause of accidents. Though, truck drivers have certain procedures for certain conditions. Such as snow chains, which if left off leave the driver with little control.
If a trucker was unable to follow behind other motorists with a safe following distance, an accident can occur. Remember, these vehicles weigh a significant amount, and it takes time for a truck to slow down or stop. Truck drivers are also expected to yield to the right-of-way; failure to do this is another common cause of accidents.
Other reasons are aggressive driving, and obviously driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are numerous laws and regulations that truckers must follow and for good reason. They are in command of what can otherwise be a very dangerous machine.  Failure to follow such rules often results in accidents, and sadly these accidents can result in the loss of a life.

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