Professional Indemnity Insurance

Many personal trainers wonder whether not they need insurance to protect their livelihood. After all the goal of their profession is to simply help people be both healthier as well as much fitter. Despite ones good intentions sometimes think simply do not go as planned. Therefore it is essential as a personal trainer to protect not only your business but yourself as well.
Sometimes while working with clients they can become injured. The injury could occur when you’re working directly with the client or perhaps it might occur when there simply following the fitness plan that you designed for them. For instance perhaps a client suffers a heart attack while completing the fitness plan you specifically designed for their needs. The sad thing is that even if you’re not present you still can be held liable -this is where professional liability insurance is beneficial for personal trainers.
If a claim is made against you, the professional liability insurance would help pay for your legal defense. Without this insurance these expenses would have to be paid on your own and can be quite costly. In many situations these expenses are so staggering that it often destroys one’s business. Keep in mind that the legal fees will be paid up to the limit of your policy. Most insurance agencies can recommend a suitable policy limit for your specific business. Another benefit to having professional indemnity insurance is that it also would pay for any damages that you might be ordered by the court to pay your client. These can often be substantial monetary awards that also can ruin a business if the personal trainer is not insured. Many personal trainers work as independent contractors within a gym. Since you are not an employee of the gym, you will not be covered by their insurance therefore you’ll need your own policy.

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