How To Be Poor

If you search “how to be rich” in Google you will get over 72 million results. There are countless pages on the Internet that explain how easy it is to be rich. The awkward thing is that these pages want money to tell you how to make money but that’s another story…
This article will analyze ways to be poor. How you can lose money. These ways are tested and tried by thousand of people so you can be confident that they work!
1. Develop an addiction
Addictions are a great way to be poor. Addiction in gambling, in drugs, in drinking or even addiction to a person (do you know how much love costs these days!). This method has the advantage that there are many alternative ways to be tested and surely is suitable for everyone!
2. Not having any skills or knowledge
If you do not have the necessary qualifications it will be hard to find a job. Even worse if you do not have the necessary skills needed for various jobs that do not require degrees it will be even more daunting to get a job.
How To Be Poor
So if you want to be poor, stop educating and learning new skills. This method has one exception: There are people that don’t have any knowledge and skills and are rich. Paris Hilton I am looking at you! Well not all methods are perfect!
3. Stop saving money
Why do you want to save any money? You should spend all your money now that you are still young (and restless). If you don’t know exactly how to spend them read method 1 again.
4. Loans
Loans are great. Did you know that you can get a lot of money with loans? Credit cards are even better. You get them easier and you can use them immediately.
5. Work
Working is for loosers. You don’t need to work to get money. If you are looking for ways to get money have a look at number four again. And when you get money with method 4, you will have lots of free time to develop all the addictions you always wanted (see 1).
6. Be born in a Third World Country
If you were born in a country without any human rights, without education, without any job opportunities and with a corrupted president then you don’t need to do much. Most probably you will be poor (or filthy rich if you are related to the president!).
If you were born in a third world country then you are unlucky. I am sorry for that. But if you were born in a liberal country with a good economy and respect to human rights and you don’t want to be poor then you will have to avoid methods 1-5. This way you will have enough money for a decent life and maybe some spare to help people that were born in third world countries.

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