Commodities generally become far more important in times of economic problems, and the current financial situation that we find ourselves in is no different. Since the failure of the financial markets in the late 2000s there has been a shocking rise in the price of commodities, and one in particular, gold, has caught the imagination more than others. With the rise in gold price, is it still a realistic option for investment?
Gold on a Budget?
For the investor with a limited budget, gold might seem to be an investment that is a step too far. With the rising gold price, it recently hit around $1600 per troy ounce, investors with a limited budget have begun to wonder what exactly they can do to enter the market. They should not be put off though, even those with a budget that cannot stretch to $1600 can enter the gold market. There are various sites across the net, and also shops on the high street that will sell gold for differing prices. A gram of gold can cost as little as $70 and with the markets as liquid as they are, this could easily be worth far more in the coming months. If you are looking forward to investing slightly more money then gold coins, or even gold jewellery could be great chance for you. Coins are interesting because despite the gold value they have, they could potentially cost more due to their collectability. There is no doubt that gold is important for many people, and the investment chances, and popularity it offers is unquestionable.
Gold, is it important?

High Rolling in Gold
Gold is important for more reasons, and mainly due to those with a larger budget. Since the crash of the late 2000s commodities were seen as the best investment for high profile investors. This pushed the price up, as it was seen as the safest place to put your money, outside of the failing banks. Consequently this continues to be the case, and gold is important for big budget investors. If you are looking to buy gold, then for a cool $35,000 you could be the owner of one troy ounce of gold. Whilst this may be out of the reach of many, gold is a safe option at the moment for those with serious money. Remember to monitor the markets, because if the prices begin to drop, you will need to sell. We may never see another gold market where prices rise so dramatically, so if they begin to fall, it would be wise to take advantage.
At the present moment gold is more important than it has ever been. The safety that investors saw in it after the financial crash has seen it rise in price to unforeseen levels, and it continues to stay at an extremely high level. If you are considering investing in gold, ensure that you do your research, and perhaps talk to an investor. They will know the market, and will be able to help you in your purchase. The most important thing to remember is that you are in control, and if you need to sell, you need to sell! The market is liquid, and it could change suddenly, so watch your investments!

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