Credit cards are very essential in today’s life for everyone weather for a student or for a working person. Its necessary because if you are carrying a card you no need to carry money all the time which saves your time as well as save your money from theft. Prepaid credit card seems like credit and debit card but there is lot of difference between both of them but it has some bad qualities as well because you can only spend that much of amount which is loaded in the card.
Benefits of prepaid card :

Credit cards for college students

1.Easy to qualify  

It is obvious that college students don’t have any credit history. This is the only reason that they will not be entitled for any kind of cards or loans. This implies that a college student can only get a prepaid credit card as they don’t have any credit history.
2.Convenience factor  

This is very convenience option for college students to have a prepaid credit card because its accepted anywhere throught they needs like restaurants , shopping malls etc.

3. Take control  

The prepaid credit cards come with spending limits. Hence, the college students can’t indulge into reckless spending. The college students can easily figure out the amount of money they can spend in advance. They will learn to live within a budget. This will help them in the long run. The parents will also be able to control their children’s spending habits.

3. Debt risk free  

The prepaid cards come with credit limit so that the students can only spend an certain amount of money so that they will not fall into debt due to usage of this card . This is the only reason due to that lot of parents give prepaid cards to their child’s by which the students can easily meet their unexpected needs.

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