How to slash your food budget

While it is agreed that food is a basic need, data from the Food and Agriculture organization shows a third of what gets produced is wasted. It is likely that you are contributing to this waste meaning that you are losing money. One way to help cement your decision to cut your food budget to perhaps even more than half is getting a reality check. Every food item that ends up in your bin is you throwing money in the bin. That is money that could go into savings, or pay for that thing you've been saying you’re too broke to purchase.

food budget

Once the truth hits home, consider adopting the below steps to help spend less on food monthly.

Create a meal plan

Not having a meal plan in mind could be the reason you’re wasting money. Going grocery shopping and purchase food both perishable and packaged based on what you think you might want to eat leads to waste. Consider how many times you've had to bin veggies and fruits because you didn't get round to using them? However, with a meal plan, you know exactly what you need and the quantities to prepare the meals. Also, don’t forget the snacks. Done weekly or monthly, you’ll immediately notice the savings and reduction in food waste. 

Go back to basics

Choosing between making a fancy meal and doing the old feels like a child custody mediation process; which one will land on your plate? There’s an easy way. There are myriads of sites and apps that show you how to make tasty meals with five or fewer ingredients you can find on your pantry at any one time. You can still be gourmet on a budget and stick to dishes with multiple components for special occasions. 

Have a grocery list

From the meal plan, you will know what to purchase. However, some things stay on the shelf longer, and you’re likely to forget if you don’t make a note. Apart from what your recipes require, keep a list on the kitchen counter top or a fridge magnet to write down what’s depleted. When you go shopping, that means you won’t have to guess what’s left and what isn't to avoid having excess food at any given time.

Eat before heading out

When you’re hungry, quick meals and snacks seem like a great idea. During this time you’ll convince yourself that the extra-large bag of pretzels will make a perfect snack for days you equally feel hungry. We often go into an entire rationalization process that has us purchasing more than we need. You don’t need that extra chocolate bar.

Why the professional traders trade with a big sum of money

The world of trading is completely different. Unless you become a successful trader you will never understand how it feels like to become financially free. Many people often start trading with $100 and dream to earn huge amount of money. This is nothing but an absurd step from an immature trader. The professional traders always love to trade with a big sum of money. Though many brokers offer high leverage trading accounts, but dealing with the market leverage is extremely risky. This is just like a double edge sword. So if you have enough money to invest, it’s better to trade with a very low leverage trading account. This will significantly reduce your risk exposure and help you to earn huge money in the long run.


Reduces your risk exposure

Before you dig deep into this section, we are assuming that you have complete control over your emotions. If you are completely new to this trading profession, investing a huge sum of money will never help. In fact, you might even blow your trading account due to some silly mistake. However, if you have a decent experience, you minimum account balance should be at least $2000.To be honest, this amount is actually not good to ensure a high standard of living. And the leverage of your trading account should 1:10. Once you have the right setup, by securing 500+ pips per month, you can easily earn $500+ (assuming you will be trading with 0.1 lot). But make sure you are not risking more than 2% of your account balance in any trade since the outcome of each trade is completely random.

Helps you to become a position trader

There are two basic types of trading strategy in Forex market. The aggressive traders love to scalp the market and usually, they have a very small account. On the contrary, the expert Aussie traders with a big sum of investment in their online trading account always prefer conservative Forex trading style. They are not concerned with high-frequency trading rather their main focus remains on quality trade execution. Once you start trading the higher time frame data, you will find a simple problem with your stop loss. Most of the time you will have to use a wide stop loss to give your trade enough space. So without having a decent balance, you can’t use big stop loss without unless you violatinge the rules of money management.

Helps you to earn decent money

Though trading is a very complicated profession thousands of traders join this industry every day. If you can truly develop the right skills, you can easily earn a decent amount of money from this market. But to support your family you must have a big trading account. Some of you might use the leverage trading account but this will significantly increase your risk factors. For the first few years, you should be more concerned about the leverage selected in your trading account. Under no circumstances, you should you trade with a leverage higher than 1:10. This will stop you from executing big trades which might ruin your investment. So, it’s very important to have a decent account balance, as you need to trade with a standard lot to earn a decent amount of money.

Makes you a confident trader

Trading is all about managing your risk factors with a strong level of confidence. Unless you trade with a big sum of money, you will never become a confident trader. Let’s say you have started trading $100 and you have lost your investment in a single trade. Do you really think you will learn from your mistake? The simple answer is NO. On the contrary, if you trade with $2000, , the chances are very high you will care about your investment. And this will help you to learn new things about the market. Without being a devoted trader you can't survive in this profession.

The best time to quit Forex trading

Though this industry is attractive and there is a huge chance to make the profit, it is not sensible to keep on trading when losing money has become common. There are many signs and indicators that can tell this is the right time to quit trading. The investors do not think of ending the career for greed. These people want to make the profit and will stop at nothing to achieve the goal. If a car keeps on running with broken parts, it will soon see the end of the world. This article will tell about when it is better to quit trading. The money can always be spent anywhere and on any industry. It is not important that investment should be made in Forex.

Forex trading

Though Forex trading is one of the most lucrative businesses in today’s world it doesn't mean you will become a profitable trader. Many people in the United Kingdom have lost a huge amount of money just by trading the market. The smart investors always know when to stop investing.

When there are continues losses

Losses are common but it can be also a sign that trading is not for you. If there are many losses in the account, it is time that decisions are revised. Most traders want to keep on trading because of the investment. The professionals keep on making the profit and any time not spent on the industry is a loss. That is why the people can keep going on the market with continuous losses. If there are excessive losses, keep in mind that it is better to close the trading. If not prepared, take a small break and give time to realize the mistakes. Most mistakes are silly if there is no fault in the strategies. As traders focus on developing the strategy and the analyses, these petty mistakes are ignored and pay a heavy price. Try to work and correct the mistakes but if there are still problems, it may indicate the time to seek other investments.

Becoming a professional trader in the Forex market requires precise knowledge and skills. Currency spread betting is not like gambling. You need to be calculative risk takers to make consistent profit from this market. Those who are looking for quick profit from this market should immediately stop trading the market.

If the volatilities are not understood

Not every market is for everybody and this has to be accepted. If the neighbor is making a fortune with the Forex trading, there is no guarantee you can also do the same. If the volatilities are not understood or it creates confusion, try to take lessons from the professionals. These people will clear the confusion and it will be easier to trade. However, if there are still losses and the volatilities which are puzzling, think of the other opportunities to invest and get a fair return of the investment.

If giving time is a struggle

A successful trader needs to give a proper amount of time to develop a strategy that can be used with the trends to make profits. Lazy people try to skip the practice and copy the plans of others. This is not going to work if success is the goal. Make sure that enough time can be spent every day to practice the strategy and develop your skill. If it is not possible and the account is only kept open, quit the trading. It will only waste the time and also the money.

The trends simply do not work out

There is something called luck that the people cannot escape. If the bad luck does not leave and there are always losses even with the right strategy, wait and analyze it sometimes. If the bad luck still continues, withdraw all the money and forget about trading.

Emergency loans you’ve never heard of – Use them to get back on your feet

There are indeed several kinds of emergency loans which become necessary for anyone at some point of their lives. Not all are able to keep the right balance between their income and expenses and whenever the expenses shoot up in accordance with the income, they fall short of funds at the middle of the month. Dental and health issues are two of the most common reasons why some of us require emergency funds. Car and home repairs are 2 of the other reasons which can make an individual or a family to instantly run for cash.

Emergency loans

While there are different ways in which you can get this cash, not many are aware of the options. However, you also need to know that each option has its own limitation and requirement. If you’re someone who isn't aware of your emergency loan options, here are few that you may keep in mind.

#1: Credit card cash advance loans

Did you know that the credit cards that you use can also let you get cash advance loans? In fact, utilizing your credit card along with this feature is certainly the best way of getting a small loan as you can grab immediate cash. Nevertheless, you can only get such a loan if you possess one of these cash advance credit cards and if you have available credit on the card. When you need to pay money during an emergency situation, this can often be a viable solution.

#2: Payday loans

As the name suggests, you get this kind of loan for a short term which is usually till your next day. MicroPayday Loans offer you the best loans at the most competitive rates. However, if you think that you will get the proceeds of this loan at a reasonable interest rate, you’re wrong as they carry outrageously high rates due to the risk factor. The lenders don’t even check your credit before lending you the loan and all they check is whether you earn enough to pay back the loan amount. Hence, they charge you high rates. But if you could pay back the loan on time, you can play it safe. You may also check out for payday loans.  

#3: Car title loans

Someone who possesses a car which has got a clear title or a title which has been paid off can get a car title loan. Such loans are popular as you can get them easily and they also offer you fast cash. It isn't a requirement that you should have good credit but the value of your car will be determined to decide the total loan amount that can be given to you. You can continue driving your car even after taking a title loan and the proceeds of the loan are also received within a day or two. 

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you can get emergency finance loans, you should no more worry about financial emergencies. Just have the capability to pay back the loan on time so that you can avoid falling in debt.