The Art Of Good Forex Trading

If you are looking for a way to make some big money fast, then forex trading can provide you with exactly that - if you are lucky, that is. By its very nature, not everyone can win at this particular game all the time - but if you are keen to do so, with some determination and a lot of hard work you should be able to get something out of it in no time at all. In this article, we are going to take a look at what decent forex trading really looks like. This information should help you if you are about to embark on forex trading for the first time, and it might even provide some useful refreshers for those returning to this kind of trading from a pastime. Let’s take a look and see some of the things you might want to consider to rock this kind of trading.

Good Understanding Comes First

If you are to successfully trade on the foreign exchange markets, you will first need to make sure that you actually know what you are doing. This means carrying out some deep research so that you are not lost in a sea of unknown and useless terminology. It’s also important for safety and security reasons, as if you don't really know the ins and outs then it is much more likely that you will lose out in the long run. There are many things to understand off the bat, and you should probably begin with some of the basic terminology.

Forex Trading

The currency you are spending is referred to as the base currency, and that which you are purchasing is the quote currency. Essentially, you sell one for the other in such a way as to make as much profit as possible. You probably already know what the exchange rate is, and that has to be one of the most important things of all to learn to understand. Then you have the question of whether a position is long or short. In a long position, you are buying the base currency and selling the quote currency, and in short it is the other way around. Understanding these simple terms is vital if you are to see success, so make sure that you do not overlook these if you really want to be successful in forex trading. It could be the making or undoing of you, depending.

Don’t Go It Alone

Another common way to fail with forex trading is to go it alone, without any outside help whatsoever. Even if you think you have got a pretty good understanding it, the truth is that you need to be able to have a feeling of security as well. The kind of help you get, however, can vary dramatically, and it’s not always necessarily in the form of someone sitting next to you. Instead, it might just be that you download some pre-existing forex trading software, which can actually help you to make the right kinds of decisions. 

Choosing Currencies

It goes without saying that you will need to think about what currencies you want to buy and sell early on, so that you can then spend a lot of time paying attention to those particular ones. This decision might simply be based on your local currency, or on an understanding you have about a foreign one. In either case, you need to be clear in your head with what you are going to trade before you get started - as otherwise you will be much less likely to succeed.

Calculating Profits

All of this is clearly inherently mathematical, and it is going to prove necessary to make sure that you can calculate your profits as accurately as possible. Not only does this allow you to make more sensible and wiser decisions - it also means that you will be able to maximise your profits as well. To calculate your profits, take you number of pips and see the difference between them in relation to the market. You will be able to work out your likely profits in this way, which can further direct you how to go in the future. With some time and patience, you will be trading in forex successfully in no time.

The best alternative investments for 2018

Spring is in the air, the first quarter is well and truly behind us and we can safely say that 2018 has reached cruising altitude. So now is the ideal time to take a look at how the year is shaping up from an investments perspective. Alternative investments almost need a new name, as in today’s financial environment, the exception has become the norm. 

alternative investments

After all, according to a recent report from PWC, almost a quarter of Sovereign wealth funds are now sunk into alternative investments. The same can be said for approximately the same proportion of all pension funds. Talking about alternative investments in general is well and good – but which are the ones that are attracting the most interest this year?

1) Buying gold

What could be safer than gold? Whatever else happens in the world, it will always hold its value, so how can you go wrong? In essence, you can’t, and every investment analyst will agree that gold should form part of your portfolio. Before you rush out and invest in gold bars, just remember that the very quality that makes it so safe also means you are not going to get overnight returns. Slow and steady wins the race, and that is very much the attitude you need to carry into gold investment. 

2) Join the real estate party 

Gold might be the traditional investment of choice for kings and emperors, but ask the average hard working man or woman, over the past century about the best way to invest, and they will say “bricks and mortar.” 

This strategy has certainly been bringing home the bacon over recent years, and the property market across the US and in the UK has remained largely buoyant when most other avenues of investment have stuttered. The growing popularity of home makeover and fixer-upper shows on TV has fanned the flames, and suddenly anyone with a few thousand to invest is becoming a private landlord. 

The property market remains strong, so the argument in favor of real estate is a compelling one. However, do not fall into the trap of thinking property makes a good diversification strategy. For the private investor, simply owning the home you live in provides more than enough exposure to this particular investment market.

3) Collectibles

From stamps to fine wines to classic cars, there is a growing trend towards investing in collectibles, the logic being that they will appreciate in value with the passage of time. This can be a dangerous road to go down. If you enjoy works of art and classic cars, then by all means enjoy your hobby, but it is dangerous to assume you will automatically make a profit from them.

The classic car market, in particular, can be hazardous. Around 20 years ago, the bubble burst spectacularly, and you also need to factor in the costs of maintenance and storage. Also, if you enjoy using your investment, be prepared for the fact that wear and tear will have an impact on its value.

Is Ontega Nigeria a scam FOREX broker?

If you are looking for financial freedom and flexibility, trading in the FOREX market is the answer, or unless that is what scammer brokers say to incentive beginners and old traders to log in to them. But why does it work? Because it is in part right, through the past decade the popularity of FOREX has risen as the advancements of technology, have made it possible for any person to get into the market and get higher profits that you could ever get with any bank or investment firm. 


The opportunities to profit are virtually endless. But nothing is as good as it sounds.

The new fraudulent promotion developed and sold across the world is the investment in the foreign currency exchange market (FOREX). One of the most likely types of fraud is the online trading scams. So this is the reason why is better to find a reliable broker.

Is Ontega among these scammers?

According to reviews and comments in the web, is a safe broker with particular characteristics, which was born in Cyprus, specifically in the city of Nicosia. It is regulated and has a form to be contacted.

It offers you to access limitless opportunities to profit on the financial markets with a minimal investment, only $5. There is no need to have a deep pocket to invest in company shares, currencies, gold, and oil with Ontega. It also gives the customer the opportunity to be educated in FOREX Trading. 

So, you will not roam the global markets alone. Its Platform was built with the purpose of guiding rookies and not so novices, through all the aspects of trading. That includes how to place a trade, when to exit, how to choose what to trade, how to analyze the market, how to identify the trend and how to use all the risk management tools to maximize profit.

They want to be sure that you have the appropriate means to be successful and achieve more advanced goals, so you will not be overwhelmed with information if this is you are in diapers, or for the contrary, if this is not your first rodeo, you will have a complete panel of tools. You trade whatever you choose, as much as you want, and at the moment you consider convenient.

A notable fact is that the most of its traffic comes from Nigeria, with around 30 percent of its visits. 

Why is Nigeria the country with more visits in Ontega? 

Over the recent years, thousands of traders in Nigeria were scammed on the internet by unregulated financial institutions using Ponzi schemes.

That’s why the Association of on Line FOREX Trading Agents, a group of online foreign currency trading brokers in Nigeria, has created an initiative to bring back the confidence in online trading by engaging several government agencies to put an eye into the regulation of the business. Ontega Nigeria is under that eye so it’s not a scam.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are the bodies who have the power to establish a regulatory framework for trading in OTC derivatives. 

FOREX trading in Nigeria, it is not illegal. Many foreign FOREX brokers already have a physical presence in Nigeria, including, which in addition to this, the tiny investment and its educational system have made it a reliable option to start investing.

It is important to remember that, trading in FOREX, may result in loss of funds. If you do not thoroughly understand the risks involved in foreign exchange trading, do not trade.

Before the idea of committing any transactions with Ontega placed in your mind, you should seriously consider whether such deals are suitable in light of your financial position and investment objectives. This is why Ontega offer you a minimum investment of 5$ in order to make you understand if forex is your cup of tea.

Is there a trick in Ontega?

Ontega is a broker considered pioneer and called to be the biggest game-changer in the financial app marketplace in 2018. In experts opinion, there's nothing to fear about this borker. The only think you should be care is the amount of money that you want to invest and how to invest it.

Find The Best Degrees To Earn The Big Bucks

If you’re about to enter into higher education and college, you will probably be in the process of choosing a degree. What’s important to you here? Some people want to make sure that they choose a career that will lead to a job they’re going to love. Others will want to make sure that their career will put them on the road to helping others. Many more will be most interested in finding a career that is going to lead to the highest possible income. If that sounds like you then it’s worth knowing the degrees that will lead to the biggest possible pay levels. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.



This one might seem obvious, but if you study something like business management in college, you will be putting yourself in the position to earn a massive paycheck in the near future. Why is this? Well, with a business management degree you will gain the knowledge and the skills necessary to run a company or claim a management position. As such, you can expect a healthy salary of at least 100K annually. Due to this, you won’t need to worry about not being able to afford those luxury holidays or even investing in a deposit for the dream house you’ve always wanted. 

Of course, a business management degree also opens up a number of other possibilities as well. All of these are positions high up in a company and thus come with a high level of pay.


Lawyers are famous for earning big fees. If you become an attorney, you can charge upwards of one hundred pounds an hour. The only downside is that you’ll have to work long hours and be at the total mercy of the clients who are footing the bill. Unfortunately, there will be no long lunches or early Fridays leaving the office. Still, with this type of degree, you’re going to find paying for life's little luxuries easy and affordable. 

Again, law can offer more possibilities than just working as a lawyer. For instance, you can go into HR. Ideally suited for those who don’t want to go through the full six years of legal training, HR jobs can still pay very well indeed and will easily allow you to live the type of lifestyle that you've always hoped for. 


You do need to make sure that you get a first when you study medicine. After completing your degree, you will then need to move onto your internship. As such, it can be a long road to getting a high level of pay. However, there are shortcuts. For instance, you can become a dentist. While still medically trained, a dentist will need a lot less training compared to a doctor. As well as this, working as a dentist, you will be able to get a high level of pay. Indeed, many dentists earn upwards of two hundred thousand every year! 

These are just three examples of the degrees you should be exploring if you want to make the big bucks.

How much could you need for retirement?

Thanks to the success of auto-enrolment schemes, growing media coverage and raised pension awareness, UK citizens now know better than to push their pension to the back of their minds.

A new quiz created by True Potential Investor is helping Brits better understand how much they could need to support themselves financially in retirement. It asks a series of questions to establish an estimate of what you could need based on the lifestyle you want to live. You can take the Saving For Retirement: How Much Will You Need? quiz on True Potential Investor’s website today.


In addition to the quiz, True Potential Investor creates a quarterly Tackling The Savings Gap Consumer Savings and Debt Data report, which has produced some interesting findings over the years. The Q2 2017 report found that last year, 598,000 employers were enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. Collectively, they contributed £87.1 billion during the period. With the popularity of personal pensions continuing, it’s clear to see that Britain is certainly more aware of its pension responsibilities.

Other financial commitments could be impacting our pension contributions, the Q3 2017 report has found. During the quarter, 45% of survey respondents failed to make a pension contribution; this was most common in 45-to-54 year-olds (47%). 18-to-24 year-olds had the second largest proportion of people who failed to contribute (44%).

The above figures should be considered in relation to the report’s other findings. It found that a third of its respondents worry about money on a daily basis, while 37% admitted to lying about their debt. Perhaps then it’s not because of a lack of awareness; it may be because their financial situation simply won’t allow them to make a contribution.

Those who did contribute to a pension during Q3 2017 added an average of £203, the report found. In contrast, the average amount of debt taken on by UK consumers each month stood at £370 — significantly higher than the amount put into their personal pension accounts.

Each month in Q3 2017, Brits were guilty of spending £143 on purchases of food, clothing, alcohol, and other items that they would later regret. If this money was invested in a pension instead for the full span from age 30 to 65, it could translate into almost £320,000, according to the Q3 2017 report. Based on the fact that Brits believe they will need £23,000 annually to live comfortably in retirement, this amount would be enough to fund 13 years of retirement.

This total regretted spend works out at a daily expense of £4.70. As the above example shows, investing this amount instead could lead to a good start towards your pension pot in retirement. As such, we shouldn't underestimate the impact that small yet regular contributions can have. This underlines the importance of better financial management to allow us the capacity to add such funds to our pension pots.

How Can I Get My Small Businesses Name Out There?

In the past decade or so, there has been an explosion in the number of businesses being established. Thanks to the accessibility of the internet and advancements in technology, more of us than ever have been able to quit our day jobs and set up a company of our own which is great. However it does mean that there's serious competition in any niche you set up in, and so staying ahead and getting your name out there to the right customers is crucial. Your marketing is something that has to be up to scratch, the right people need to be hearing about your business in order for them to make purchases from you- so you can make a profit. Here are a few different methods to consider. 


Utilise Online Marketing

Having a strong online presence is essential for just about every business, in this digital age we live in. Even if you don't sell online, you still need to be visible as people will be searching for local businesses like yours. Social media marketing is arguably one of the most widely used and an effective method that modern businesses have at their disposal. Social media sites are free to set up and you can reach a huge number of potential customers. Affiliate marketing is another option, while this is one of the oldest methods of online marketing it's not something to overlook. Google Adwords is one example, if you sign up to this program your ad will be shown on lots of relevant sites, to the people who are most likely to be interested in your products. Writing a business blog is another way to market yourself online, it’s a free form of promotion and helps to build up your brand. In time, chances are you will amass a loyal following, which is great news for your business. A blog also shows you’re legitimate, reliable and proves to your customers and clients that you know your stuff in the field that your business is in. With online marketing being such a broad category, taking the task to do the work yourself can be challenging when you're a new business. So for amazing results, it would be worth reaching out to companies such as Polkadot communications to do the work for you.

Invest in an App

This might not be seen as a conventional marketing method, but actually having an app created for your business is one of the best ways to get yourself out there. Since more sales are now made on mobiles and tablets than they are on laptops and computers, people are utilizing apps and making purchases on them. When a customer has your app on their phone, they’re subconsciously seeing your brand whenever they see it- even when they’re not using it. It makes it convenient for them, and an app also shows you’re a genuine company. This is something that many smaller and medium-sized business are yet to get on board with so it’s a chance for you to get ahead. In the near future, an app will be as essential to a business as a website is today. 

Don’t Overlook Older Methods

Online marketing is extremely valuable to the average business. However for some kinds of companies, 'older' methods such as billboards, flyers and posters are not only as good but preferable in some cases. Imagine you are a local bakery for example, you don't need to get your name out there worldwide since your customers will predominantly be from your immediate local area. You do still need to be visible online, so a website, social media pages and perhaps even a business blog are still worthwhile. But spending lots of money promoting your business all across the internet isn't needed, and so you can save money here. Flyering can be a useful method for local businesses, but don't just print and send thousands of flyers with no real aim. Going back to the bakery example, if a large part of your business is baking children's birthday cakes then how about leaving them around local schools and soft play areas, anywhere that parents are likely to see them. 

Consider Face to Face Marketing Methods

In- person marketing methods can sometimes be overlooked, but being able to communicate with your customers and clients face to face can be extremely valuable. Not only can you explain everything and answer questions there and then, but you could demonstrate your products or services too. Setting up a stall at a business expo is one of the best ways to go about this, a marquee printed with your logo is an eye-catching way to draw in foot traffic. Instead of boring presentations, make it fun and interesting. Play games and run competitions relating to your business, get people involved. Business expos tend to be large and people will choose the stalls they look at on face value. So you will want to make it interesting and fun for them. Other kinds of face to face marketing techniques could involve having your salespeople to deliver a pitch or presentation to customers or other businesses. This is much more interactive than other methods, and people have the ability to ask questions and see your business in action for themselves. Your salespeople have the opportunity to persuade those who would otherwise be left on the fence. For many kinds of businesses, it can be a highly effective way to both promote and sell products. 

Marketing can be incredibly tricky, as it's so fast-moving. Once, only paper methods would have been available, but for businesses that sell globally, this is now obsolete. With the advancement of social media, businesses have needed to update their marketing strategy to keep up. With search engines coming out with new rules all the time about how you can and can't pay for and advertise online, you need to be in the loop. Hire a marketing professional, or outsource to a third party company. Even if you're only a small business, it's a worthy investment. If you don't know what you're doing then don't attempt it, it could be the difference between success and failure in your business. 

What methods have you tried when it comes to getting your company’s name out there? 

Creating Passive Income to Bolster Your Financial Fortunes

When you’re only focused on active income from a job, you’re missing the opportunities online. While your job pays your bills and may even allow you to save a little money too, any profits from online activities drop directly to your bottom line. Getting ahead by saving more towards your retirement or building multiple passive income streams creates a robust financial position over time. 
Here are a few benefits of creating passive income, not only active income. 

Only One Job or Multiple Passive Income Streams

People who have a job don’t think about it much because they believe there’s no choice, but having a single job can be somewhat risky. If you get laid off or worse yet, fired, all your income disappears overnight. If you ever end up losing your job, whether out of your own accord or not, you’ll find yourself visiting the job center. 

Financial freedom

When you build up multiple passive income streams, you have a greater degree of protection. Whether you’re making money through writing Kindle e-books, commissions on items sold through websites and sent out by Walmart in the US, or video training courses through, the more income streams you have, the safer you’ll be. 

Use Your Contact Network Better

Many companies are now doing business online. You’re bound to have some old contacts that you can look up and get back in touch with to see whether there is a service you can offer them as a side hustle. Their old email information could be out of date, so click here to check if their old email is still valid or not. 

Incrementally Greater Independence

While you may not have financial independence yet, when you own websites or provide services that throw off a comfortable stream of income, you have more independence from a job. Online income can be developed over months and years which will make it easier to make the leap to self-employment when you’re ready and the income is high enough to sustain you.

No Salary Cap = Higher Total Earnings

Our job has a salary range. When asking for a pay rise, you’ll be told where you are within the salary range and whether it’s felt that you qualify for an increase. In almost all cases, you’ll never be allowed to reach the top of the salary range because it doesn't provide an incentive to employees to keep plugging away. Unless you get a sudden promotion or become better qualified for a high position, earning more becomes close to impossible.

With passive income sources, no one is telling you that you are not permitted to earn more than the salary range. No one cares about that. They’re buying a product and you’re receiving the commission on the sale. You’re selling them a service that they need and receiving monetary value for your assistance. Your total earnings will always be higher than they would otherwise have been because there’s no longer any salary cap! 

By adding passive income streams, you get closer to financial independence because most of the additional earnings go into your pocket and not out on personal expenses. This is because your main salary pays your personal expenses. Savings tend to add up fast when you have multiple income streams and aren't relying on a single active income to survive.

How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Since the advent of credit cards, financial fraud has been on the rise and it could happen to anyone, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. A report by Nilson, projects credit card fraud to total $31.6 billion USD by 2020. 

Credit card fraud is more common than you think but there are many simple precautions you can take to make sure you can reduce the risk of being defrauded. 

Credit Card Fraud

Top 10 precautions to Reduce the Risk of Credit Card Fraud

Don’t discard personal documents in the trash!

If you are organizing your papers and finances and you decide to get rid of documentation that you longer need, make sure you destroy them instead of throwing them in the trash bin. When you need to discard documents that are full of personal information you should either shred them or wet them before you toss them into the bin. If you don’t destroy this documentation, anyone can get their hands on them and you’ll be at risk of credit card fraud. Protect your information both online and offline!

Your mail should be well protected

Another great way to protect your information is keeping your mail away from prying eyes! Buy a lock for your letter box or go for a P.O. Box. That way you can be sure that your mail will only go from the mailman’s hands into yours. It’s also very smart to take precautions about your mail every time you make plans to be away from home. To do this, you can put your mail on hold or ask a friend if they can collect it for you on a regular basis. 

Your mail and financial statements should be for your eyes alone

If you’re one of those people who always leave their credit card statements for later and you never actually get to read them, that’s a habit you should change. What’s more, if you have someone else who reads it for you, you should consider doing it yourself. Build the habit of reading your financial statements and your mail yourself. When it comes to financial statements you should take your time and read them very carefully in case there’s any suspicious activity. Do this with all of your bank accounts to secure them with fraud protection and make sure you’re aware of all of your financial information.

Don’t neglect your credit history

In order to stay on top of your credit card information you should regularly check your credit history. You can use GetCreditScore or Veda to get a free copy of your credit history online. That way you can check it carefully and you’ll be alerted if any attempts are made to apply for credit in your name. 

Be careful when it comes to online shopping

Online shopping is a huge part of our lives and we love it! Because it is such a regular and common activity you should be extremely cautious when it comes to choosing your providers. When you shop online, you’re sharing your credit card details so you have to be very careful with the stores you choose. We also recommend you to use PayPal because it provides a secure payment system and it protects your information. Furthermore, using a VPN (a private server) is very useful when using card details online, so checking out the Proton vpn and others can be very beneficial to your online safety. 

Be cautious when you use the ATM

This is something we learn from our parents long before we get our first card, and it’s one of the simplest precautions, but it never hurts to be reminded. When you’re at the ATM, be aware of people around you and make a habit of covering the keypad when you enter your PIN.

Don’t lose sight of your cards

In case you didn’t know, it is possible for people to get a hold of your information with the use of contactless NFC technology such as PayWave, Tap & Go, and PayPass if they have contact with your card. When you’re out on the street make sure that you never lose sight of your cards. If you ever happen to lose them, go report it as stolen as soon as you can and take all of the necessary precautions. 

Protect yourself

Online hacking is super common, so it’s essential that you make sure your devices are well protected. Make sure that you have security software in place in order to protect your devices from the risk of viruses, hacking, and more. Remember to keep your security software updated and avoid scam e-mails like the plague! Don’t trust any links that you can’t identify and keep away from untrustworthy sites and downloads.

Never provide your credit card details over the phone

Whenever you need to make a payment or if you want to donate to charity, it’s best to do it online and use a secure payment method. One of the common methods for credit card scammers to get your information is over the phone by means of deception, and this precaution makes it more difficult to get a hold of it. 

Don’t hesitate to report!

If you fear that you have been or are being scammed, make sure to report it as soon as you can. Let your financial institution know what’s going on and report it to the police as well. Take all of the necessary measures to make sure you get all the help you need to deal with this problem as quickly as you can. The longer you wait, the more money you will lose!

If you incorporate these precautions into your daily life, you’ll be cutting the risk of credit card fraud by half. Always make sure that you practice good safety habits when it comes to all of your personal information, but specially when you’re dealing with your financial information. 

Nowadays there are many different ways a stranger can get a hold of enough information to impersonate you and cause quite a bit your damage to your finances. That’s why you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your information as safe as can be.

How To Deal With Troubling Tenants

If you're just getting into the property business and are testing out how it feels to be a Landlord, or maybe you've done it for a while but things aren't moving as smoothly as they once did - it's important that you gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible so you aren't constantly worrying about making a mistake. One of the biggest grey areas that tend to cause Landlords a little bit of an issue, are the tenants. While paperwork may be a bore, once you get your head around it it's easy enough to tackle. Tenants, on the other hand, can be slightly more difficult because they're people - if they aren't happy, they will definitely tell you about it.


Here are the most common issues, and how to deal with them.

Broken appliances

If you have mentioned in your lease contract that the property comes with appliances, then you are legally in charge of making sure they work how they should, and if they do break, you need to repair them immediately unless you state differently. For example, you can include a washing machine, but state that it is down to the tenant to look after if any problems arise. Buying a new appliance is never cheap, but one thing that will make it easier is getting everything sorted out before a renter comes in. Bear in mind that if you don't do what is required of you, the tenant has more than every right to pursue a claim against you.

Rent refusal

You may find that some of your tenants aren't paying their monthly rent, and this can be down to many different reasons. They might refuse to pay purely because they're being difficult and don't feel like paying, or it may be because they simply can't afford it right now. This is why communication is absolutely key so that you know where your tenants are at, as it really may not be their fault at all. Understanding and trying to negotiate is always better than causing an argument as this will only make everything worse. One thing that you can do is to break down the payment process so that they can have partial payments that make things easier for them without the pressure of a large sum of money every month.


There may come a time where you want to sell the property. That could be due to the people that are currently living there, or you just not wanting to own the specific property anymore. Whatever the reason, you have every right to sell and hand the place over to a new owner. If someone is still living there, as long as the buyer knows all the terms of the tenancy contract, there is no reason you can't make a deal whenever you want. Sometimes though, you may find that the tenant is being difficult or abusive, making things awfully hard to move the process along. If you're struggling to sell a home due to tenants that are causing you grief, then the flying homes website will give you all of the advice that you need if you're not sure what your next move should be.

Reducing Your Vehicle Running Costs

When you’ve put time, effort, and a whole lot of money into passing your driving test, you’re understandably going to want to take to the roads straight away. After all, you didn’t invest in the skill for nothing! But it will soon come to light that driving is a pretty expensive venture. With the combined cost of a vehicle, insurance, tax, and fuel, you can often feel like getting behind the wheel might be a little out of your means. But not to worry. There are various ways to cut the costs associated with the task at hand. Here are a couple for you to try out!

Reducing Your Vehicle Running Costs

Cutting Insurance Costs

Perhaps one of the biggest outlays for any driver (but for new or young drivers in particular) is insurance. However, insurance is an absolute must because without it you cannot legally take to the roads! So, how can you go about making your outlay in this area as minimal as possible? Well, firstly, you need to find the right policy for your needs. The best way to find the cheapest cover is to use a site such as This is essentially a comparison site where you can input your personal details and find the lowest cost policy on the market. However, this isn’t the end of your journey. You can play about with different options to further reduce the cost of your policy too! First, consider black box insurance. This will mean that your insurance company fits your vehicle with a black box which monitors your driving behaviour, such as speed, times travelled, and whether you drive erratically or not. If you’re well behaved, your policy cost will go down! Another option to consider is putting another, more experienced, named driver on your policy too. While you may want your car to be solely for your own use, allowing another individual to be on your insurance policy and use the vehicle every once in a while can dramatically reduce your quote, as long as they are an experienced driver. Finally, you should consider finding a safe location to store your vehicle overnight. If you leave your car parked on the street, it’s open to damage by other individuals. This could range from criminals needlessly vandalising your vehicle to other road users bumping into it when driving past or attempting to park near to it. Leaving your car on the road will, understandably, boost your cover cost. So, if you have a driveway or garage, the cost of your policy can reduce significantly. If you don’t have access to a drive or garage, you might want to consider investing in a secure parking spot nearby!

Cutting Fuel Costs

Many of us tend to fill up our tanks at the nearest petrol station for sheer convenience. We will use the one nearest to our house, place of work, or places that we socialise in. But prices can fluctuate greatly between one area and another. So, search around for the best price. It may be offered a little out of the way, but making the journey will generally work out more than worth the savings!

These are just a couple of ways to cut costs. There are plenty more out there. Just remember to always take your time and shop around for the best deal available to you!