The Important Thing to Know how to Invest in Stocks in the Present

The market can be unpredictable. In 2008 Fannie Mae was deemed unworthy of existing, and then in 2013 the stock price increased by nearly 1,000%. While hindsight would allow us to tell ourselves, 'the mortgage market is doing very well and the share price was $0.27, so of course it had a great year,' we must live in the present. 

The important thing to know when it comes to the stock market is not only what to put your money in, but just how to invest in stocks. Among the important aspects are to invest in what you know and to not get emotional about a stock just because it goes up or down.

Invest in What you Know

For the purpose of this article we interviewed Christopher Pascale, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Portfolios With Purpose. The interview was very interesting, but when it was over he referred us to two pieces he had contributed to the site The Untrained Housewife.

The Important Thing to Know how to Invest in Stocks in the Present

The first one we reviewed discusses his father's advice to him at the age of 12. His father taught him to invest in things that people need and in companies with products he liked.

The reason is because if you like something you'll not only to believe in it, but also want to learn more about it. For instance, a Seventh Day Adventist would be foolish to invest in an energy drink company, but a mechanic may have some good insight into investing in the auto industry.

When Warren Buffett did not get involved in the tech craze during the late 1990's, people criticized him and believed he was a relic of the past, but then came 2001. While people were riding the wave, he was watching from the shore witnessing the crash.

Don't let Your Emotions Control you

The second article Mr. Pascale referred us to discuss some bad losses he took from 2003-2008 - equal to a year's income.

Part of the reason he'd lost so much was because he was not following the first rule. He started investing in energy companies, and then a modeling agency based on press releases!

The press releases briefly brought in an influx of cash from people like him, which drove the stock up. To quote him, he "didn't want to miss the wave," so he put everything he had into these companies, liquidating shares of companies he knew very well.

They were hard lessons, but he learned them at a young age and has since recovered. By following these rules you can avoid the personal experience of these lessons and protect yourself and your assets when investing in the stock market.

How to Find the Best Attorneys Who Specialize in Tax Law

People who have received letters from the IRS about owing taxes might become intimidated. Notices from the IRS could simply mean that they’re going to be getting a simple audit, or it could mean that they are going to be getting a full-blown audit. In any case, some people might want to have the expertise of a law attorney on their side to help ensure that their financial records are in order for their IRS audits.

There are numerous law offices that offer attorneys who specialize in tax law. Regardless of the law firm that individuals choose to retain, though, they should ensure that the firm offers a tax attorney who is knowledgeable enough in tax matters to help them ensure that their taxes are filed appropriately. For people who have simply received notices from the IRS, tax attorneys can look over their tax documents for them to evaluate the situation and determine the best strategy to take to deal with their tax issues. 

How to Find the Best Attorneys Who Specialize in Tax Law

Attorneys can advise people as to tax advantages that they can take advantage of when they are filing their returns. Attorneys may also be able to find where individuals or businesses are not taking advantage of all the deductions that they are eligible for. Simply using tax return processing software can lead to mistakes and end up in the preparers having to pay additional tax liabilities. Tax attorneys are well-versed in the rules and regulations governing taxes and can help people comb over their tax returns to ensure that they fill them out correctly and in the most advantageous manner possible.

Additionally, people who have been informed that they’re going to be audited by the IRS might have the IRS show up at their homes or businesses to go through their records and look for inconsistencies. Without tax attorneys to represent them, people could end up being pressured into admitting things that might end up incriminating themselves or simply aren’t true. Tax attorneys might be able to helps ensure that their clients’ rights are not violated and that their clients don’t succumb to the intrusive techniques sometimes used by the IRS.

Tax attorneys can prove advantageous in both filing taxes and in protecting against an audit. Even if individuals did not employ the assistance of tax attorneys in filing their taxes, it is never too late to turn to them for help with auditing issues.

Three wise investments to save you cash

You've met those people – the ones that squirrel away their pounds and pennies for a rainy day, but never actually figure out when those rainy days will come.

Three wise investments to save you cash
They’re good people, those financial squirrels, but their efficacy with cash can only take them so far, and they haven’t realized one thing – great saving’s all very well and good, but great investment is where the road to success lies.

That’s right – you can save all your acorns for a winter that might never come, or you can put those acorns into something that will save you cash in the long run, and maybe even make a bit more dough along the way.

So, what wise investments can you make to give you greater financial freedom?

Well, take a few of these tips on board and you’ll have more acorns than you know what do with come that fated winter.

Plan for your death

Funeral prices are rising every year, with people now being warned that their send-off, according to The Daily Mail, costing an average of £7000 and rising every year. That’s why the prudent mind should invest in a funeral plan to make those future costs minimal ones.

Taking out a plan with a few monthly payments will stop your family from having to stump up exorbitant levels of cash come your passing.

However, don’t just go for any old deal – set up a funeral plan checklist that covers every eventuality for your passing, making the company that matches all of your criteria the one you make your investment with.

Invest in some strong companies

You've probably heard of the latest Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which corrupt banker Leonardo Dicaprio dupes his clients into making dodgy investments to make tons of cash for himself. Indeed, it’s the latest cloud to hang over the banking industry since 2009’s financial collapse.
But, don’t be fooled into thinking that wise investments can’t be made on the stock market. While piling cash into a company is always a risk on some level, the reward for the discerning investor be worth it.

Due caution should be taken whenever you put cash into a company. Research the business in as much detail as possible, ensuring that it’s foundationally strong and stable at the very least, while still likely to expand on its success.

Insure, insure, insure

Everyone has that creeping paranoia that something awful might happen to them, whether it’s being in an accident or having your home burgled.

It’s exactly the reason that you should look at insurance options of all kind, financially protecting you should any mishap occur. Travel, accident, life and contents insurance are all vital for shielding you from the lengthy process of replacing stolen goods or covering time off work, and will keep you more financially stable in the long run.

Binary Options Brokers Official Website - What to browse for

Binary option trading has become one of the most popular ways to earn active as well as passive income. There are many households that solely depend on the proceeds of the trade for making ends meet. However, your chances of earning higher profits usually increase if you have the assistance or guidance of a reliable and good broker. Every year hundreds of trading platforms are rated and ranked and you can choose one by referring to the binary options brokers’ official website to find out what they offer to clients and how you can benefit if you sign up with them.

Binary Options Brokers

The fact that there are innumerable such trading platforms, it becomes even more important to select the right broker.

What to look for in a broker website?

In order to have a rich browsing experience, it becomes even more important to identify your goals or objectives of trading. This will enable you to know what you will exactly locate in the website. this not only saves you a lot of time but you will be spared from the horror of surfing the website aimlessly, which can be even more frustrating especially when you are out there to take the plunge in binary trading and you are new to the financial market. Check out the following that you should browse for when you visit the official website of a binary broker.
  • Online assistance or customer care - You should find out if the website and consequently the trading platform offer adequate support to clients. Also try to figure out if there is provision of live chat, email notification, and telephone support. How long the customer care support available and the like.
  • Educational resources online - Every website has a tutorial section for traders. Find out the resources available like charts, trading tools, demo accounts, and the like. 
  • Expiration time and date - You will also be able to find out from the website the types of expiration time and date that the broker offers to its clients. This is another crucial factor that will help you to decide upon a broker.
  • Types of assets - Not all brokers offer the same type of assets to the clients/traders. Find out the type of assets that are being offered. The type of asset you choose in a trade also influences your chances of success in a trade as the returns from not all the assets are the same. If you find that a particular asset has been performing quite well over the last few weeks and you want to try your luck with the same, you can go ahead and do so but if that asset is not offered by the broker, you will perhaps move on to another broker or trading platform and check out their website.
Aside from the above, you ought to look for the past track records, their testimonials, their rating and ranking every year, accolades and awards received, feedback of the traders they have dealt with the like from the binary options brokers’ official website.

Should You Marry Someone Who Is Drowned In Debt?

Every one knows 'love is blind'. The words really turns true in case of finance. When you love somebody you really don't care what their financial standing is. How much he/she is in debt or what the credit score is? But financial specialist always mention that finance and money are main reasons for divorce. So it would be best to discuss finances with your partner before tying the knot.

A person who is drowned in debt and implements bad financial decisions might not change after marriage as well. Fiscal habits are very hard to change and even you love and affection would not equal to your spouse's bad habits. But always remember that exceptions are always there. Medical emergencies or an accident or health issues should be ticked off from the list as they are genuine reasons to get into debt. However poor planning, overspending, lazy over work are things to be ticked in while you are questioning your partner's finance ground.

Drowned In Debt

Long before the decided marriage, sit with your partner with all issues and calmly try to sort it out. If he/she is questioning too much or being aggressive whenever the topic of money comes up, you can assume that you are in lot of trouble. These points indicate that he/she would not change their fiscal habits and therefore you have to face struggle in future.

Marriage is an institution where people of same goal or focus should bind together. This applies to finance as well. If you are of frugal mentality and your partner doesn't care about finances and is overspending then it is obvious that a dispute would be created. It will not matter whatever you try but still you will face financial endangerment. So think before taking the marriage step as it is a lifelong commitment.

Looking at a person's finance behavior you can estimate his/her character. Living with financial flaws of your spouse might not be the best thing in the world. You can judge his/her character through overspending or unable to hold employment for too long at a single company or poor money management. Not only you will face finance related problems in future but also it will impact on your financial well being.

Remember always the things might not result in negative way. Maybe after marriage your spouse change their habits and become more responsible towards marriage. Taking money management classes, holding onto employment and managing money wisely can create a different scenario. If you are finance savvy then you can as well train your partner to be budget friendly.

So think a thousand times before you proceed to a lifelong commitment towards the institution of marriage. Dig through all necessary stuff and take a wise decision that won't harm none of the partners.

How to successfully save for a new car

There she was, all shiny and new, looking like something out of a center spread magazine. Old Bessie will be jealous, but you don’t care – it’s your dream car. You slyly ask Barry the dealer how much this bad boy will cost you and while it’s not entirely in your price range, with a little saving, it’s do-able. The main issue is – you barely have two pennies to rub together by the end of the week. So how do you save? Here are a few ways to turn those two pennies into a mountain of gold and successfully save for your dream car.

Don’t Be Hasty

Barry the dealer is a great guy, but he has a handle bar moustache and shouldn’t be trusted. While there are a few great salesmen out there, most customers leave the showroom with the odd suspicion that they just got hustled. No one likes a raw deal, so make sure you aren’t hasty by doing your homework first. Check out magazines and reputable websites like that offer reviews, pricing guides and comparisons of similar models that will allow you to make an informed decision. That way, when Barry tries to sell you a vehicle that’s $2,000 more than it’s worth, you can confidently say I don’t think so mate and work on negotiating a more realistic deal.

How to successfully save for a new car

Say No to That Little Black Dress

Are you eating out for dinner five nights a week? Calling your local Thai takeout more than your parents? Or splurging in a weekly retail therapy session? Adds up doesn’t it? While the odd night out with friends is necessary for our sanity, if your credit card is burning up in that hip pocket of yours, it’s probably a good indication that you need to cut back on your spending habits. Not sure where you are spending your money? Write it down and be honest about it. By doing this, you’ll know exactly where that extra coin is going. If you want that new car, be ruthless with your money, but not till the point where you’re living off Ramen seven nights a week.

That Dirty Word… Budget

Remember how I just said to write down your spending habits? Well now you are going to take that and make a budget. Yep that’s right, a real grown up budget with numbers and columns and everything. Take your pay-check and subtract the necessary weekly spend like rent and bills. Then with what you have left over, calculate how much you’ll need for food, entertainment, gym memberships etc. Then figure out how much you’ll have left over for your car savings. Not enough money at the end of this? Look at your budget and see what areas you can cut down in order to put extra cash aside for your vehicle.

Open an Online Piggy Bank

So sometimes we can’t help ourselves when we see that must have right now item. You know that it’s a little out of your budget but you think what the heck, you can just take a bit out of the money you’ve got saved for your car. After a while, those impulse buys really start to hurt what you’ve saved and eventually you’ll find your savings start to plateau and you begin to form bad saving habits. It’s for this reason that to effectively save, you should set up a separate savings account that you can transfer your intended amount to each week. Make a rule with yourself, that only under dire circumstances can this fund be touched. Tip: Talk to your bank about an account with a high interest rating.

Do you have any handy money saving tips? Let us know in the comments below.