Why I Bought Life Insurance For My Child

When people talk about child birth, they call it the miracle of life. You know, I never really got that saying. I always took a more realistic and pragmatic approach to it. It is just biology after all, so what on earth are they harping on about? All that changed when my wife and I had our first and as yet only child, about 3 years ago. Once I held that little bundle of flesh in my arms for the first time though, it all made sense to me. Knowing that this little guy is my kid, and I’m responsible for creating him put things in perspective for me. One of the most amazing feelings in the world is cradling that little thing in your hand for the first time. It’s indescribable! And you won’t ever really get the depth of emotion you feel at the bottom of your heart, until you yourself have experienced it. 

Why I Bought Life Insurance for my Child

One of the overriding emotions then was a sense of responsibility, and just a teeny bit of fear. After all, being accountable for the future, the character and the very nature of your child is in your hands, and that is a big, big charge. You want your child to grow up into a wonderful human being, but wanting something and knowing how to achieve it are poles apart. One thing I was certain of was that I was buying my child a life insurance policy

The reasons that led me to buying my child an insurance policy

The receipt of benefits in case he passes. As morbid as it seems to consider, we know from experience that life is the most unpredictable thing. Like a withering candle, one swift breeze can snuff it out, and as such we have to be prepared. I’ve heard all the arguments about life insurance being only for earning members of the family, but people seem to forget that you do receive some money for funeral and memorial related expenses, and also get reimbursed for any medical bills that your child doesn’t qualify for according to health insurance policy terms. While this might not seem like such a big deal, knowing how attached I got to him from the moment I set my eyes on him, I know I’ll be heartbroken in case the inevitable does happen, and I won’t be in any frame of mind to worry about whether or not I have enough money for a funeral and a service, or where it’ll come from. 

Value accrued. Universal policies or whole life policies accumulate a certain cash value over the years. This revenue as it were, is tax free, and can build the foundations for your child in the future, be it for education, a new car, or even the down payment on his own home! While the amount may not be very substantial you know at least that there’s some amount in place, and can take it from there. Furthermore, unlike saving in a normal bank account, there’s less temptation to dip into this saving in case your own financial situation becomes tighter. The fact that you’re paying a steady premium also means that you don’t have to remember to set money aside over a certain period, the process is more automatic, and I for one will be thankful for that.  

 Guaranteed Insurance in the future. Sometimes, due to a sudden onset of a serious ailment, or even the gradual development of a lifelong one, can cause insurers some trepidation with regards to the issuing of a life insurance, even outright to refusal in extreme cases. But depending on the term of the insurance you get for your child, it can have a rider against just such a thing. In that case, no matter how bad his health gets, as long as we don’t default on our payments for this particular policy, the insurer will be forced to offer him some insurance. This is especially important in my case, because the wife’s side of the family has had a certain history with cancer. Byron Udell says, “For those families that have a history of health conditions that run in the family, this is reason enough to try and seek life insurance protection on your child.”

Borrowings. This insurance policy can also be used by my son to take out loans against in the future. Again, these loans would be tax free, and can help give the kid a leg up in case he needs the capital to invest in his personal life, or kick off a business or anything else he might require. Instead of a crippling loan with exorbitant interest rates and a tax cut, he can now get a better deal on the loan thanks to his life insurance, which will help him pay it off quicker, and accrue a relatively smaller debt value. 

There you have it then, that has been my reasoning for taking this step, and I don’t regret it one jot. If you have had the same misgivings that I mentioned above, you too can get an insurance policy like this. Most big insurers offer it, and you can even contrast and compare the offers available online through aggregator websites and get the cheapest possible rate, saving even more money in the bargain.

Increase Your Skill before You Start and Grow a Business in the Real Estate Investment Field

While the number of families that are losing their homes due to foreclosures may be going up, the opportunities that this presents for others seeking the ability to get into the real estate investment business are at their best. The real estate investment business gives individuals the chance to make money by purchasing low priced properties in their area and selling, renting, or leasing them to earn an income. However, unless you have the proper degree, professional knowledge, or experience as a real estate investment expert you should first seek reputable guidance from those that do.

Dean Graziosi and other successful real estate investment experts are happy to share the wealth of knowledge, information, and tips that they have obtained through their own personal experiences in this market. These individuals have an extensive understanding of what it takes to start and grow a business in the real estate investment field. They are eager to share this knowledge with others so that these inquisitive individuals will know first-hand if this is the type of venture that they truly want to get into.

Business in the Real Estate Investment Field

It is a common misconception that many people have when they believe that real estate investors get rich quick without long days at the office. In reality without the proper understand of how to inspect properties prior to purchasing them you can find yourself spending many hours and lots of money getting the newly purchased property in a condition that will allow you to sell it, rent it out, or lease it to others so you can see a return on your investment. Professional real estate investors such as Dean Graziosi can help. By providing you with information on common errors that people make when investing in real estate they can guide you through the process so you can avoid the pitfalls others have fallen into.

Dean Graziosi and other dedicated real estate investors have a real passion and drive for the work they perform. Many have written books or created online sites where you can visit to learn about the process of real estate investment. Examples include Dean Graziosi's podcast that is filled with hours of in-depth knowledge that you will find helpful in your own real estate investing venture. After spending just a little time on sites such as this you will feel empowered and have a lot more confidence in your own venture.

Even with the best knowledge and resources out there you will find that not every real estate venture will be a positive one. This is a tale as old as time. However, with the guidance you will be able to access by professionals such as Dean Graziosi you will find the ability to pick yourself up and move on to the next opportunity that is awaiting you. Many visitors to online sites set up by professional real estate investors have gained a new understanding of how to have a thorough plan in motion when they are ready to start their own business. You will see what sets the “Wanters” from the “Doers” in this market and find out why some people are more successful than others when it comes to such a competitive market.

Money Conscious Christmas Party Suggestions

Bank accounts often suffer severe exposure with incoming holidays. Budget-conscious people always look for various methods to save their bank from getting hijacked on party hosting occurrence. It is always a clever act to create a budget and plan out some money retaining moves that could prevent you from getting bankrupt in the holiday season.

In this article we are going to discuss few stuff through which hosting a Christmas party frugally can put into effect.

Replacing Invites with E-Vites

You can find that 90% of your friend's and relatives would be internet friendly. By internet friendly I mean they would be social and would have a Facebook account or a Twitter account or might be indulged into any other social media platform. Sending an E-Vite to their respective social media platform or simply using Evite.com, not only saves you a chunk of money by avoiding old fashioned invitation cards but also saves paper and makes it look pretty cool.

Money Conscious Christmas Party Suggestions

Composing Simple Garnishing

Buying new decorating products might bring forth a gigantic bill. So it is better if you are using what you already have from earlier years and garnish it with some low budget products such as garlands, bouquets and candles. You can give the decoration your personal touch with these products and make it look really wonderful.

Avoid Using of Over Priced Breads

Showing off with expensive and exotic breads in your party will enhance the pace of hole to spread in your bank account. Using of simple yet tasty New York Texas Toast or Pepperidge farm will keep you within your budget. You can always make impressive ad-dons such as Parmesan cheese or chilly pepper flakes to spice up the taste of budgeted breads!

Avoid Multiple Wine Types

Good wines always comes with a good price. And opting for multiple wine choices might be a over-spending step in your hosting party. Rather serving a same wine with addition to iced tea and hot coffee will do the trick.

Host a Crazy Theme Party

Hosting a party with innovative yet budget friendly theme can be a lot of fun. Invitees can be informed of some awesome themes in which they would also have to contribute their share. Dip party theme can be arranged through which couples can bring their favorite dips for the host and let everyone taste their favorite recipes.

The most expensive of the party i.e alcohol can be divided as well. A holiday wine party theme can be arranged by the host where invitees would bring their proffered wine and make the party a beautiful wine tasting one!

Reserve Your Favorite Place Beforehand

If you are looking to host the party elsewhere, at your favorite restaurant or somewhere other than your home, do make sure that you book the place early. An early booking will make you eligible to receive good amount of discount and incentives like money back or gift cards. So make sure that you plan early for the hosting party(choose the month of January for the best offers as the restaurants tends to slow down after the holidays) to ensure some post-holiday savings.

Favor Cocktails Than Dinner

You can host a party with two to three hour maximum stretch with a cocktail party rather than a full stretched lunch or dinner. Keeping it short and simple can make your financial burden pretty low!

Impressive and Innovative Homemade Food Products

Without buying overpriced expensive food from outside you can always make delicious homemade food for your guests. Serving guests with pre-made Pasta and tasty Lasagna with meat and sauce would result in huge cost cutting. You can garnish the products with ad-dons such as pepper flakes, lemon juices and cheese to give the dishes a personal touch that every guest would remember for a very long time!

Arrange Different Salads for Guests

A low budgeted party can turn out to be a healthy and awesome one with different sorts of Salad preparations. Decorating the salads with coloring cheese or feta would make it more attractive. Plum tomatoes and cucumbers can also be added in the preparation for guests to enjoy.

Don't feel low if you are short of cash and still have to host a Christmas Party because a nice and enjoyable party can always be arranged within a limited budget with just some few tricks. Hope you have a blast this year with a full fledged money saving Christmas hosting party this year.

How To Get A Loan

The ability to get a small loan is going to help you in many aspects of your life. Most major life events happen only because of the financial provided by a lender. Knowing what you need to get approved for a loan will improve the odds that you get approved. 

Lower Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

Most lenders are going to take a close look at your financial situation. You can approve your chances of getting a loan by having low levels of debt. Aim to have a debt-to-income ratio of less than 30 percent. This will assure lenders that you have the necessary income to dedicate to the loan you are applying for. 

Consider Using Collateral

Collateral is a great way to increase your chances of getting a loan. For example, you could use your home as collateral in a home equity loan. Putting up something of value will give the bank a chance to get its money back if you do not repay the loan. Collateral can also lower your interest rate.

How To Get A Loan

Have A Satisfactory Credit Score

All loans are subject to a credit check. This means that lenders are going to check your credit score to see if you are worth taking a risk on. Most borrowers will get approved for a loan if they have a credit score of over 650. This is the level at which lenders will consider you a good credit risk. Having a credit score at this range gives you some leverage while negotiating the terms of your loan.

Down Payments Help Your Cause

Paying off part of the purchase price will lower the amount that you need financed. A lower loan amount might convince a lender to take a risk on you if you have less than stellar credit. Using a co-signer on your loan could make it easier to get the money that you need. 

Obtaining a loan depends largely on how much a credit risk you are perceived to be. Lower your perceived risk by showing that you are responsible with your money. Take steps to increase your credit score before you decide to apply for a loan. If this isn't possible, offer up collateral to secure the loan in an attempt to lower your risk. The bank could consider this sufficient for approval.

Consolidating Credit Through Balance Transfer

Consolidating your credit card debt could be the best way to start paying it down. Paying down your credit card debt is going to make so much easier to live a life that is free of stress. Managing your debt should be a top priority in your life. How will transferring your credit balances allow you to pay off your debt faster?

Consolidate Your Credit Debt

A credit card transfer will allow you to put all of your credit debt on one card. Finding a card with a low interest rate will lower the amount that you have to pay on your debt each month. Paying less interest will help you dedicate more of your payment to the balance amount. Another advantage of consolidation is that you only have to make one payment each month. 

Consolidating Credit Through Balance Transfer

Choose A Card That Works For You

The great thing about transferring your credit card balance is that you can pick any card you want. Find a card that has the best interest rate as well as any perks you want. If your credit score has improved, you may be eligible for offers that you might not have had available to you in the past. Make sure that you choose wisely.

What To Look For In A Credit Card

What should you be looking for when choosing your new card? Aside from the interest rate, you should look for a card that makes it easy to transfer your balance. The ideal credit card will have low balance transfer fees when you decide to go ahead and consolidate. It is very possible that you could land a credit card that comes without any balance transfer fees at all.

Keep Your Credit Intact

Using a balance transfer to deal with your debt will keep your good credit history intact. It is important to keep your credit score as high as possible to make it worth getting rid of your debt. Having less debt isn't going to matter much if lenders still don't think you are worthy of a loan.

The balance transfer option is one you should check out if you are concerned about managing your credit. It will allow you to consolidate your debt while allowing for a lower interest payment. This will allow you to manage your finances a lot easier. Take advantage of the opportunity that you have to finally get past the mountain of debt that is crushing you.