5 Simple Steps for Creating A Practical Personal Budget

Everyone needs to have a budget, regardless of whether they are making $100,000 per year or minimum wage. Even if you make a decent amount of money, you will still encounter financial problems if you spend every dollar you make. The good news is that setting up a personal budget will help you stop living paycheck to paycheck. Here are five simple steps for setting up a personal budget.

Keep Track of Your Spending

Many people are spending too much money on unnecessary things. You should keep track of your spending with a small notebook or your smartphone. You should write down every purchase that you make, regardless of how big or small it is. You should also make sure that you keep track of all of your receipts.

Download A Budget Template

5 Simple Steps for Creating A Practical Personal Budget

It will be much easier for you to keep track of your spending if you use a template. You can use a program like Excel to keep track of your spending or download an online template.

Gather All Of Your Paychecks And Paystubs

Before you can create a budget, you need to know how much money you are bringing in each month. That is why you should get all of paychecks and paystubs together. If you get alimony payments, social security or pensions, then you want to make sure that you get all of that information together also.

Create Your Budget

Once you have calculated your total monthly income, you want to record it on your spreadsheet. After that, you want to total the amount of money that you spend each month. Each of the items that you spend money on should be placed in its own category. You want to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of placing food in one category, you want to divide it into groceries, fast food and restaurant meals. This will make it easier to find where you are spending money needlessly.

Set A Goal Each Month

Every month, you should set a goal to save money in each category. You should look for creative ways to cut unnecessary spending so that you can reach your goal every month. You will need to keep track of your expenses every month in order to see how well you are doing.

Financially Slammed And Suffering From A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries are some of the most common injuries people suffer. But they’re also some of the most under reported injuries for two reasons: people mistakenly think the injury was their fault, and they sometimes accept meager compensation, such as gift certificates, for injuries that deserve legal compensation. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, don’t mistake another party’s fault or negligence for your own, and don’t be satisfied with petty gifts that don’t compensate your pain. Instead, contact an injury lawyer that can assist with the slip and fall injury. A legal professional will be able to tell you whether you deserve more compensation than you think.

Financially Slammed And Suffering From A Slip And Fall Accident

An injury attorney will also be able to provide advice on who is responsible for the incident. For example, if an injury occurred due to hazardous conditions on another person's property, they will most likely be held accountable for the incident. If wondering what conditions are qualified as hazardous, they include conditions involving: water, ice and snow, which can make a floor slippery. Uneven flooring is another condition because something like this could be prevented by the property owner.

Slip and Fall Injuries

What exactly, is a Slip and Fall Personal Injury?

Some slip and fall injuries actually consist of slipping and falling. But some other injuries that fall under the slip and fall umbrella are:

- Injuries that result from falling merchandise or other objects;

- Injuries that result from tripping and falling due to torn carpet;

- Injuries that result from tripping and falling due to abrupt changes in floor surface;

- Injuries that result from improperly installed recreation equipment;

- Injuries that result from poor lighting; and

- Injuries that result from egress code violations, such as egress path obstacles andmissing handrails

What Types of Compensation Do Slip and Fall Injuries Receive?

The types of compensation you receive for a slip and fall personal injury depend on theways in which the injury impacts your life. Below are some areas of compensation thatcould apply to a slip and fall injury, depending its unique aspects:

- Compensation for medical bills,

- Compensation for lost wages,

- Compensation for a change in earning ability,

- Compensation for damage to personal property,

- Compensation for the cost of house cleaning services if the injury prevents you from upkeep

- Permanent disfigurement or disability due to the injury, and

- Emotional distress due to the injury

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury, it is important to remember that insurance representatives for the responsible party are not your friends. To find out more about how the law views your slip and fall injury, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A legal professional can analyze your case details to determine whether someone else may have been at fault for your case. If injured while at work, 
hiring a lawyer becomes even more important. This is because a lawyer will look at your case to figure out whether you are eligbile to file a workers' compensation claim. This can help you recover medical costs and obtain compensation for pay that may have been missed as a result of the injury.

Make your Online Shop the Safest It Can Be

Starting out an online based business venture is daunting. There’s loads of talk of viruses, security, hackers, Trojans and trolls. If you’ve got a talent such as crocheting sock puppets, making nappy cakes or making homemade candles in the shape of items of food, then why not make it available on the internet? If you want to put it up on the web for all to see, you need to be confident in your internet security software to start with. Protecting your Intellectual Property such as the designs you have saved for your products on your computer is massively important. When there’s just one of you, it’s difficult to think of everything, so getting an all-in-one package to do this for you is a great idea.

Make your Online Shop the Safest It Can Be

Once your own computer is safe, you need to think about your customers. They want the peace of mind and confidence in your online shop to actually buy your products. If you’re not securing your website, and they are savvy enough to know to look for the padlock symbol - and who isn’t these days - then this will quickly result in a lost sale. HTTPS is straightforward and if you renew SSL certificates every year (or every two if you buy two years at a time) then that is one thing that you can tick off your list on making your customers feel warm and fuzzy when they click that “Buy” button next to your banana-shaped strawberry-scented candle.

Lastly, you need to make sure you backup your most important files. Things such as order history, invoices, customer lists and accounting are irreplaceable, and you absolutely cannot afford to lose this sort of information. Have a daily backup plan in place to back up things that change often, and ensure you keep a copy of backups for as long as your business needs them - most commonly for three or four weeks. Act early to avoid that crushing feeling of losing that all important work!

The pitfalls of debt

There are many lessons in life and most of them we are able to learn from, whether it is something as serious as a bad business decision or something as easy as falling out with a friend over a needless argument. In most situations, the biggest problem is the mess that is left after the mistake has been made and getting into debt is one of the worst of these. 

With money being such a sacred object in today’s world, it is vitally important that we do our best to stay in the black as much as possible, but despite that, the consumer debt in most first world nations is beyond staggering. The amount of business debt isn’t even worth thinking about.

The pitfalls of debt

In some occasions, trundling into debt isn’t of the fault of the individual, but there are many situations where a person has simply lived beyond their needs through greed or addiction.

It is important for individuals, but families in particular, to be aware of the pitfalls, as well as the scenarios that might be beyond their control. 

Redundancy/loss of income

Even for the slightest of periods, losing your income can have catastrophic effects, be it financially or emotionally. Obviously the longer you’re out of employment, the more debt will stack up if you’ve got such payments as rent, a mortgage or car payments to commit to, as well as the day-to-day means of food shopping and keeping warm in winter months.

Downfall of a business

The last seven years or so years has seen many a household name bite the dust of financial ruin, most recently in the UK HMV and Blockbuster, so it’s hard to really give blame to much else other than the dire financial situation. However, business owners must not get in over their heads with running costs and they should look to measure outgoings up against what they are bringing in as income; also make sure you know who has responsibility of all debts incurred. 

If it comes to a point that the business is going under, make sure you are aware of the different types of liquidation that include members’ voluntary liquidation and creditors’ voluntary liquidation. 


This area is pretty much self-explanatory and is a very dangerous pastime to get involved with if you struggle to pull yourself away from it. Gambling is very addictive and should be treated with caution; it is important to understand that going from the odd £2 bet on the football to basically living inside the bookies is an easier process than most people are aware of.