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Top 3 Festive Uses for Short Term Car Insurance

As the Christmas season approaches, there are some surprisingly useful ways to take advantage of the benefits of temporary car cover.

First and foremost – this time of year is notorious for drink driving – with so many parties and events, it’s easy for people to have one or two drinks too many and assume that they are still under the legal limit.  One way to ensure the risk of accidents is minimised, is to make use of one day insurance products – it’s easy for plans to change and this way designated drivers can ensure they have cover on the car they need to be driving.  

Top 3 Festive Uses for Short Term Car Insurance

Another common use of short term insurance is for help when moving house – short term van insurance can also be a big help here.  Many people end up moving just before Christmas – what with mortgage approval processes and a slow market currently meaning that the buying process can take many weeks – sometimes a completion date in December is impossible to avoid.  Many people who are renovating and redecorating also use this approach and need to use a van to ensure furniture can be moved and disposed of as required!

Top 3 Festive Uses for Short Term Car Insurance

Finally, for some people – a new car is the ultimate Christmas gift – and one day cover is a great solution to ensure you’re covered when driving your new wheels off the forecourt. 


  1. they seem to be a con. you spent time filling up the forms but at the end you cant pay for it. (the paying system doesnt seem to exist). instead you get bombarded by spam emails and phone call....